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Not for publication Feb. 9, 1999 – No. 100


Friday, Feb. 12, 3 p.m.
Assembly Room, Wilson Library

Faculty Council meeting agenda

Chancellor’s remarks. Chancellor Hooker invites questions or comment on any topic.

Faculty chair’s remarks. Professor Richard "Pete" Andrews.

Information and discussion items:

Annual report of the Committee on Buildings and Grounds. Professor David Godschalk, chair.

Priorities and space planning for the natural sciences. Professor Greg Forest, senior associate dean, College of Arts and Sciences.

Priorities and space planning for the arts, humanities and social sciences. Professor Bill Balthrop, chair, department of communication studies.

Annual report of the Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee. Professor Darryl Gless, chair.

Annual report of the Faculty Welfare Committee. Professor Stephen Bachenheimer, chair.

Closed session

Second report of the Committee on Honorary Degrees and Special Awards. Professor Joseph Ferrell, faculty secretary.

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