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Not for publication April 20, 1999 – No. 277


Faculty Council meeting agenda

Friday, April 23, 3 p.m.

Assembly Room, 2nd Floor, Wilson Library

Acting Chancellor William O. McCoy and Professor Richard N. Andrews will preside.

Chancellor’s remarks and question period.

Presentation of the 1999 Thomas Jefferson Award.

Presentation of 1999 Advising Awards. Dean Risa Palm.

Chair of the Faculty’s Remarks. Professor Richard N. Andrews.

Faculty Elections Results. Professor Joseph S. Ferrell, faculty secretary.

Update on Licensing Labor Code Task Force. Andrews, Rutledge Tufts Jr., co-chairs.

Report of the Task Force on Student Evaluation of Teaching. Professor Elliot Hirshman, for the Advisory Committee.

Resolution 99-3. Endorsing Implementation of the Report of the Task Force on Student Evaluation of Teaching. Presented by Andrews for the Advisory Committee.

Update Report from the Intellectual Climate Implementation Committee. Professor Donna LeFebvre.

Resolution 99-4. On Adequate Funding for Teaching Resources. Presented by Professor Gerald Postema for the Executive Committee of the Faculty Council.

Status Report on the Capital Campaign Case Statement. Vice Chancellor Matt Kupec.

Annual Reports of Standing Committees

-- Committee on Black Faculty and Students. Professor Frank Brown, chair.

-- Faculty Assembly Delegation. Professor Laura Gasaway, chair of the UNC Faculty Assembly.

-- Committee on Established Lectures. Professor Bobbi Owen, chair.

-- Resolution. 99-5. Endorsing Abolition of the Committee on Established Lectures.

-- Committee on Community and Diversity. Professor Gerald Horne, chair.

-- University Priorities and Budget Committee.

Report from the Office of the Vice Provost for Graduate Studies and Research. Tom Meyer.


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