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Jan. 12, 2000 -- No. 14

Not for publication

Faculty Council agenda

January 14, 2000, 3:00 p.m.

Assembly Room, 2nd Floor, Wilson Library

Memorial resolutions. Robert B. Cairns, professor of psychology, and Harold Grier McCurdy, professor emeritus of psychology. Presented by Professor Peter A. Ornstein.

Chancellor’s remarks and question time. Interim Chancellor William McCoy invites questions or comments on any topic.

Faculty chair’s remarks. Professor Richard N. Andrews.



Visions for the Future of the University. A panel discussion followed by questions and comments from the council. Dean Risa Palm (College of Arts and Sciences), Dean Jeffrey Houpt (School of Medicine), Dean Madeleine Grumet (School of Education) and Dean William Roper (School of Public Health). All other deans are also invited to be present and participate in the discussion.



Intellectual Climate progress report. Provost Richard J. Richardson.

Special report of the Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee. Professor William Balthrop, chair.

Annual report of the Committee on the Status of Women. Professor Abigail Panter, chair.

Annual report of the Committee on University Government. Professor Janet Mason, chair.

Annual report of the Advisory Committee. Professor Christopher Martens, chair.

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