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Feb. 13, 2001 -- No. 71

Faculty Council meeting agenda

Friday, Feb. 16, 3 p.m.

Assembly Room, second floor, Wilson Library

Chancellor James Moeser and Faculty Chair Sue Estroff will preside.

Memorial resolution for Carl S. Blyth, professor of physical education emeritus.

Chancellorís remarks/question time. Moeser invites questions, comments on any topic.

Remarks by Sue Estroff, faculty chair

Annual report of the University Committee on Copyright, Professor Laura Gassaway, chair.

Faculty and information technologies in the 21st century, Professor William Balthrop, chair of the Faculty Information Technology Advisory Committee (FITAC), and Marian Moore, vice chancellor for information technology.

Annual report of the Buildings and Grounds Committee, Professor David Godschalk, chair.

Annual report of the Faculty Welfare Committee, Professor Diane Kjervik.

Topics raised by council members

Closed session, honorary degree nominations for 2002


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Note: Documents about the Faculty Council are at

Other meetings are scheduled March 23 and April 20.

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