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April 19, 2001 -- No. 196

Faculty Council meeting agenda

Friday, April 20, 3 p.m.
Assembly Room, second floor, Wilson Library

Chancellor James Moeser and Faculty Chair Sue Estroff will preside.

Call to order, Chancellor Moeser

Closed session

Honorary degree nominations

Open session

Presentation of the 2001 Thomas Jefferson Award.

Presentation of the 2001 Advising Awards, Senior Associate Dean Bernadette Gray-Little.

Chancellor James Moeser invites questions or comments on any topic.

Remarks by the Chair of the Faculty. Professor Sue Estroff invites questions or comments on any topic.

Discussion. Topics raised by council members.

Report of the Task Force on Grading Standards. Professor Beverly Long.

Resolution 2001-2 on the New Survey for the Student Evaluation of Teaching. Professor Abigail Panter.

Resolution 2001-3 on the University Committee on Copyright. Professor Janet Mason.

Annual Report of the Faculty Assembly. Professor Estroff.

Resolution 2001-4 on the Academic Calendar. Professor Douglas Crawford-Brown.

2001 Election Results.

Election of the Secretary of the Faculty.



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Note: Documents about the Faculty Council are at This is the last meeting of the academic year.

Contact: Mike McFarland, (919) 962-2091