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Dec. 13, 2002 -- No. 675

Morehead center places Moravian star on its roof

Morehead Planetarium and Science Center
250 E. Franklin St.
UNC campus

Photographers and videographers may find the following of interest: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hillís Morehead Planetarium and Science Center has installed its Moravian star on the top of the planetarium, and the star is illuminated each evening.

The star is in connection with "Star of Bethlehem," now showing in the planetariumís Star Theater.

The star was last seen on the planetarium roof in 1999, when it was taken down for repairs.

"Star of Bethlehem" looks at possible astronomical explanations of that celestial event of long ago. Using planetarium wizardry, viewers examine and decide for themselves whether a blazing comet, an exploding star called a nova, a shooting star, a major eclipse or a conjunction of planets might explain the reported event. The Star Theaterís recently upgraded video system uses additional visual sequences to make the special effects even more compelling. A new, original digitally edited soundtrack enhances audio quality.

The planetarium has presented "Star of Bethlehem" for more than 50 years. For more information on the program and showtimes, click on

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Photo note: A photograph of the installed star is available at:

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