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Oct. 10, 2003 -- No. 531

Coleman to be featured speaker at University Day ceremony; Graduate School centennial, alumni recognized

University Day convocation:
Sunday (Oct. 12), 2 p.m.
Hill Hall auditorium
UNC campus

University of Michigan President Mary Sue Coleman, a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill alumna, will be the featured keynote speaker at the annual University Day convocation. (News Services expects to have advance copies of her speech.)

Coleman and U-M were in the news last summer when the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on a high-profile case involving the universityís affirmative action program. In a 6-3 ruling, the high court struck down a point system used by Michiganís undergraduate admission program, while upholding a law school affirmative action program at U-M.

Chancellor James Moeser will preside at the University Day ceremony, at which the Distinguished Alumna and Alumnus Awards will be presented to Coleman; Dr. Katherine A. High, a 1978 graduate of the School of Medicine, and investigator and director of research in the division of hematology at the Childrenís Hospital of Philadelphia; and Dr. Shirley Weiss, who received her masterís degree in regional planning from UNC in 1958, and a former associate research director of the Center for Urban and Regional Studies.

University Day also will include recognition of the Graduate Schoolís centennial. The school was officially created in 1903, but graduate education has been present at UNC since the first half of the 19th century. The first earned masterís degree was awarded in 1856 to Needham Cobb.

University Day commemorates the laying of the cornerstone of Old East, the nationís first state university building, on Oct. 12, 1793. It became a campus holiday in 1877 and an all-day celebration in 1900.

Coverage notes: Limited parking for broadcast media representatives who have heavy equipment will be available in Swain lot behind Hill Hall.

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