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Media Advisory

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Aug. 20, 2004 -- No. 388

Access outlined
for reading program discussions

Monday, Aug. 23, 1-3 p.m.
Bingham and Dey Halls
Polk Place, UNC

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill will open three of its summer reading discussions to interested media representatives on Monday (Aug. 23).

New students – about 3,600 freshmen and 880 transfers – will meet from 1-3 p.m. in 180 groups across campus to discuss "Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point," by David Lipsky. Trained faculty and staff volunteers lead the groups.

The book was selected last spring for Carolina’s sixth annual summer reading program by a committee of students, faculty and staff. The non-credit assignment is voluntary. Goals include stimulating discussion and critical thinking, as well as enhancing a sense of community among new students through a common intellectual experience.

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Carolina is committed to protecting the privacy of the participating students and their educational experiences with each other and discussion leaders. The university asks media representatives to be respectful of that commitment.

Neither cameras – video or still – nor tape recorders will be permitted inside the open sessions, but reporters and photographers are welcome to sit in designated areas, observe and take notes. Cameras and tape will be fine for interviews with open session discussion leaders and consenting students after the sessions.

The following sessions will be open to the media:

· 301 Bingham Hall, Chancellor James Moeser;

· 206 Dey Hall, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Dr. Robert Shelton; and

· 108 Bingham Hall, Dr. Richard Kohn, history professor and chair of the Curriculum in Peace, War and Defense.

News Services staff will provide assistance at each open session site.

Directions: Bingham and Dey are between Wilson Library off South Road and South Building (across from the Old Well) on Cameron Avenue. Both halls are at the south end of the Polk Place quadrangle, at right angles to Wilson Library.

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