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Oct. 25, 1999 -- No. 648

UNC-CH experts available to discuss ACE report

Dr. William I. Burke, professor and senior associate dean in the School of Education at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and James O. Barber, director of the schoolís LEARN North Carolina program, are available to discuss todayís (Oct. 25) report of the American Council on Educationís Presidential Task Force, entitled "To Touch the Future -- Transforming the Way Teachers Are Taught."

Burke can analyze and elaborate on the report as well as describe UNC-CH initiatives that speak to its recommendations. Those include math, science, social studies and art training for teachers and LEARN North Carolina, a World Wide Web resource for teachers.

Burkeís expertise includes models for teacher training and partnerships that enhance teacher education. Formerly a high school and elementary school principal, Burke directed a nationally funded Teacher Corps Program in the early 1970ís in Montana to address teacher shortages in poverty areas and to work toward improving schools and childrenís learning. On Carolinaís education faculty for 27 years, and previously the schoolís interim dean, Burke is a recent president of the N.C. Association of Colleges for Teacher Education and has chaired numerous national accreditation teams for the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

Barber, who holds a masterís degree in business administration from Harvard University, directs Learnersí and Educatorsí Assistance and Resource Network of North Carolina -- LEARN NC. The World Wide Web resource offers teachers outstanding lesson plans crafted to state standards, online courses for maintaining certification, techniques for integrating information technology into classroom teaching and virtual field trips for pupils. LEARNís Web address is

Burke can be reached at 919-966-7000 (office), 919-942-1876 (home) or
Barber can be reached at 919-843-8659 (office), 919-303-0146 (home) or

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