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Aug. 15, 2003 -- No. 409

UNC faculty experts can help reporters explain aftermath of historic blackout

The following researchers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are available to discuss the massive power blackout that affected New York City, Detroit, Cleveland and other parts of the Northeast, the Midwest and Canada. This information may be updated periodically:

Joanne Caye, clinical assistant professor at UNCís School of Social Work, experienced the New York blackout of November 1965 (she was living in the Albany area at the time) and can comment on her memories of that time. Professionally, she has extensive expertise on addressing the reactions of people who have experienced trauma and then experience subsequent trauma. She, along with colleagues, conducted several workshops in eastern North Carolina after Hurricane Floyd on how families cope with disasters and tragedy. She may be reached at (919) 962-3598 or

Dr. Richard Udry, Kenan professor of maternal and child health and of sociology at UNC, studied the effects of the 1965 New York blackout on the birth rate and concluded that no extra births occurred as a result of the blackout. He may be reached at (919) 966-2829.

Dr. Andrew J. Perrin, assistant professor of sociology, studies how people and populations interpret new information in the context of old Ė or how people experience unexpected events in daily life. He can be reached best by e-mail at, or at (919) 929-3292. For more information on Perrin, visit his Web site at or the sociology faculty site at

Dr. John D. "Jack" Kasarda, director of the Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise and Kenan distinguished professor of management at UNCís Kenan-Flagler Business School, is an expert on aviation infrastructure, logistics, urban development and commercial real estate issues. He can address the impact the blackout had on the airline industry and air commerce, as well as other aviation-related issues. He may be reached at (919) 962-8201 or

Dr. R. Reid Wilson, associate clinical professor of psychiatry in UNCís School of Medicine and a clinical psychologist in private practice, specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. Included are panic disorder and panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety, psychological responses to trauma and disasters and post-traumatic stress disorder. He is the author of the book "Donít Panic: Taking Control of Anxiety Attacks." He may be reached at (646) 283-1569 today (Aug. 15) through early Saturday afternoon (cell), and after that time at (919) 942-0700 or

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