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 Dec. 17, 2003 -- No. 653

Counsel for Human Rights Watch in Pinochet case, professor available to comment on possible Hussein trial

With the recent capture of Saddam Hussein, international discussion has begun to focus on the possibility of a trial for the deposed Iraqi leader.

Jonathan Marks, who served as counsel for Human Rights Watch in the case against former Chilean leader Augusto Pinochet, is available to provide reaction and analysis of this ongoing issue. Marks also is a visiting professor in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Law.

Marks teaches courses in terrorism and the law, as well as international litigation, at UNCís School of Law.

Marks, also barrister at Matrix Chambers in London, advocates the trial by national criminal courts of perpetrators of serious international crimes (to complement the work of the International Criminal Court). His concern, however, is that Iraqi judges will not have had sufficient experience to deal with a large war crimes trial.

His view is that Hussein should be tried by, at the very least, a hybrid tribunal similar to that for Sierra Leone, which is made up of national and international judges and which was established jointly by the Government of Sierra Leone and the United Nations.

Marks also is available to speak to counterterrorism measures, the United Nations (in particular, the Security Council), the International Criminal Court, universal criminal jurisdiction, international human rights and international trade.

Contact Marks at, (919) 962-7675 (work), or (919) 933-6784 or (336) 734-1186 (home numbers). For a list of other faculty experts who are available to speak to ongoing developments in Iraq, click on

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