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UNC Pauper Players

The objective of Pauper Players is to maintain an environment of camaraderie, learning, and collaboration through the design and rehearsal process of musical theater production. Entirely student-run, Pauper is open to anyone with a dedicated spirit and a passion for the arts, and it has been a source of entertainment, education, and friendship for over twenty years.


Pauper Players is headed by three (student) Executive Directors--for Business, Publicity, and Production--who work with an Executive Board to structure the organization while selecting and overseeing production. The Executive Board is made up of a secretary, a treasurer, designers, photographers, social and orchestral coordinators, a publicity team, resource liaisons, and front-of-house managers. The Executive Board meets every two weeks to discuss current projects and policies; and, twice a year, they release and review proposals for the respective fall and spring musical productions.


Any interested candidates may submit a proposal to direct or simply suggest a show for Pauper Players to perform. The Executive Board is responsible for selecting the show and approving the Director to select his or her Production Staff for the rehearsal process. The Director, Music Director, and the Production Staff select the cast and orchestra, and they set the rehearsal schedule for the weeks leading up to production. Pauper Players is normally scheduled to rehearse Sunday through Thursday from six to ten pm, but individual schedules will vary depending on one's role. All are encouraged to get involved at any level, either with any of the three musical productions a year, or with the Broadway revue performed in the winter. "Broadway Melodies" is comprised of three shows, written and directed by students in the style of a comedic musical revue.


Pauper Players has performed in a variety of venues on and off campus--including Historic Playmakers Theater and The Arts Center in Carrboro.


Pauper is always seeking to add new members and to expand options for performance and publicity. Get involved!