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Audition Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Who can audition for Pauper Players shows?

A. Even though the UNC Pauper Players are an officially recognized UNC Chapel Hill Student organization, we encourage anyone interested in auditioning. We strive to cast our productions with the best talent that comes to us from the entire Chapel Hill Community. Therefore, you do not have to be a student of the University of North Carolina to participate in our productions!

Q. What can I expect at the audition?

A. Although the specific format of our auditions changes from production to production, you can expect to have to prepare about 32 bars of a song of your choosing. We might provide an accompanist and ask you to bring music, or ask you to sing a-capella depending on the current production. We will also ask you to sing scales with an accompanist. Although monologues or cold readings are not a normal part of our audition process, they may be required by the director of the current production. If this is the case, specific information will always be listed under the main audition page for each production. Also, some productions will require a dance audition. If this is the case for the current production, information will be listed under the main audition page.

Q. How long will the audition take?

A. You will be asked to sign up for a 5-10 minute time slot. We do our best to adhere to this schedule. There may also be an additional dance audition depending on the current production, which will take place on the same night as your audition in an hour time slot. Pauper Players realizes that your time is valuable and we will do our best to streamline the process as much as possible.

Q. How do I sign-up for an audition time slot?

A. We ask that you sign-up for a time slot in the Pauper Players folder located in the lobby of the Frank Porter Graham Student Union. If it is not possible for you to gain access to this folder, please do not hesitate to contact pauperinfo@gmail.com with a block of time you would be available to audition. We will get in contact with you to schedule a specific time for your audition.

Q. Who will be present at the auditions?

A. Depending on the production, various members of the production staff will be observing the auditions. This will usually include the director, music director, and choreographer, but may also include stage managers, producers, and assistants to all the above positions.

Q. What will I need to bring to the audition?

A. Depending on the specific production, this will change. You will be given an audition form when you arrive at the audition. We ask that you know all rehearsal conflicts to write on the audition form at the time of the audition. Come dressed to move if a dance audition is required. You do not need to include a head shot or a resume, but you may if you wish. All the information we need from you will be asked on the audition form.

Q. What about call-backs?

A. If a call back is needed, it will be scheduled for the next day after main auditions are completed. The format and requirements of call-backs will change depending on a specific director's taste. This information will be distributed as needed.

Q. What is the rehearsal schedule for a Pauper Players show?

A. Pauper Players productions rehearse Sunday through Thursday from 6-10pm. The time commitment involved depends on the size of the role you receive in the production and it obviously increases as the performance dates of the show grow closer! Most, if not all, rehearsals will fall within the times stated above.