Marine Biomedical Research Experience for Undergraduates

Sponsoring Institution
The Whitney Laboratory
University of Florida

Application Deadline
The last day in February each year

Dates of Internship
Interns participate for 10 - 12 weeks during the summer and should start no later than the first week in June.

Competitive stipend, travel expenses, and housing allowance

The Whitney Laboratory, a research institute of the University of Florida, offers training in marine biomedical research and biotechnology to students interested in exploring a career in science. We provide hands-on research experience using the exciting new techniques of cellular, molecular, and neurobiology.

In cooperation with a faculty supervisor, students choose a project which fits with ongoing investigations and can be completed within the ten to twelve week training period.

Students may work at any time during the year and should plan to stay for a least ten weeks, but preferable longer. Applications for the Fall, Winter and Spring terms are encouraged. Undergraduates receive a competitive stipend, assistance with travel expenses and housing allowance. Applicants must be either U.S. citizens or have permanent resident status.

Applications should contain: 1. a list of courses taken and the grades obtained  2. letters of reference from two people able to evaluate your academic performance and potential  3. a letter briefly describing your goals and how work at the Whitney Laboratory would help you achieve these goals  4. a list of the two or three projects at the Whitney laboratory that interest you the most, with an explanation of your selection.

To receive credit for their work at the Whitney Lab, students should make arrangements with their home institutions.

For more information on the Research Experience for Undergraduates Program at the Whitney Laboratory, see the program website at .

Dr. William R. Buzzi

Undergraduate Coordinator
The Whitney Laboratory
9505 Ocean Shore Blvd.
St. Augustine, FL 32086-8623
Phone: (904) 461-4000
FAX: (904) 461-4052

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Last modified 24 February 2004