How do high school educators
fit into PMABS?

In collaboration with Boston University Medical School's CityLab, Partnership universities will host two-week summer workshops for high school teachers. Participants will conduct laboratories--including prelab, lab, and postlab components--that they can take back to their own classrooms. 

We know that high school is where students begin making career decisions. Through a curriculum that provides their students a real, discovery-oriented, hands-on experience in the biosciences, high school teachers trained in cutting-edge technology can demonstrate the exciting facets of a science career. 

To interest students, each module will have a "hook" in the form of an adventure or a mystery to be solved. An example is the module "Mystery of the Crooked Cell" (© CityLab), which explores the molecular basis of sickle cell anemia. Electrophoresis is used as a diagnostic tool to differentiate sickle cell from normal hemoglobin. 

Am I eligible to participate?

Yes, if you teach first-year, second-year, or AP biology in a North Carolina high school with a large minority enrollment and are committed to helping students learn more about biomolecular science. 

Is financial support available?

Yes, each workshop participant will receive a $1,000 stipend and a $500 supply budget from PMABS. 

How do I apply?

Application forms are available by mail through the PMABS office at CB# 3280, Coker Hall, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3280. In addition, you may call Ms. Milli Mickle, Program Assistant, at (919) 962-2289 or e-mail her at


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