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UNC Digital Library Project


project history


Since 2000, the UNC Digital Library Project has been working to institute an interdisciplinary multimedia "digital library" as a resource for faculty members and departments on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus.

The current infrastructure, a component of our Digital Library Services, has been used to support the instructional use of media collections since the Fall 2001 semester. Instructors have access to a limited number of searchable campus collections, and can also use the system to share their own media files with students and colleagues. Instructors in the College of Arts and Sciences who wish to participate should visit the OASIS Media Services website. Instructors in other departments should contact Bob Henshaw.

Digital Library Services is a joint project of the College of Arts and Sciences and Information Technology Services.

Current News and Events

  • Summary of student survey results for the Spring 2002 semester are available.
  • The Digital Library Services team is currently developing several tools for our users, including a group management component, and a client tool for cataloging and uploading files.


For more information, contact Bob Henshaw (Center for Instructional Technology).