Joe DeSimone/Waffle Iron

UNC-Chapel Hill faculty research transfers technology into the commercial marketplace. One of the University’s most successful spin-offs is Liquidia Technologies Inc., created by Professor Joe DeSimone. Liquidia has developed a liquid molding material that cures when exposed to light. It has applications for computer chips, ink jets, medical devices and pharmaceutical products. Another breakthrough involves a method to create the world’s tiniest custom-shaped manufactured particles for delivering drugs and biological materials into the human body.

Reports and Documents

If you have comments on Carolina's response to the UNC Tomorrow report, please e-mail

  1. Carolina’s Response to UNC Tomorrow
  2. Carolina’s Response to UNC Tomorrow — A Summary
  3. UNC Tomorrow — Board of Trustees Presentation (PowerPoint - 1.7M)
  4. Index of Existing Programs at UNC-Chapel Hill

July 30 Campus Meeting

  1. Meeting Summary
  2. Breakout Session A
  3. Breakout Session B
  4. Breakout Session C
  5. Breakout Session D
  6. Breakout Session E
  7. Breakout Session F
  8. Breakout Session G
  9. Breakout Session H
  10. Breakout Session I
  11. Written Comments
  12. Additionally Submitted Responses

Draft Documents

Below are draft documents of the proposed new and expanded programs from the working committees.

  1. Access to Higher Education (PDF)
  2. Community Development and Economic Transformation (PDF)
  3. Public Education (PDF)
  4. Outreach and Engagement (PDF)
  5. Environment (PDF)
  6. Global Readiness (PDF)
  7. Health (PDF)

Additional Documents

  1. Campus Forums PowerPoint 4-14-08 (PPT - PowerPoint)
  2. University of North Carolina Tomorrow Final Report (PDF)
  3. UNC Tomorrow Campus Response Committees (PDF)

Through its teaching, research and public service, Carolina connects with the people of our state every day in ways that improve lives and build futures.

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