The State Employees' Combined Campaign (SECC) was established by Governor Jim Hunt in 1984 as a federated campaign allowing state employees to support charities that are reviewed and approved for participation annually.

The Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares (CCCS) campaign is UNC- Chapel Hill's campaign in support of the SECC. UNC-Chapel Hill is historically one of the largest statewide participants in the SECC. The SECC (and by extension CCCS) is the only authorized charitable campaign in the workplace and allows employees to choose payroll deduction as a payment option.

No state funds are used to run the campaign. Operational support is provided through campaign pledges with a 10 percent maximum cap.

Since the first campaign in 1985, state employees have contributed more than $87 million to charities serving North Carolina residents. More than 1,000 charities were approved to participate this year.

The 2011 SECC campaign raised $4.18 million. UNC-Chapel Hill raised over $782,400 alone, making our campus the top campaign of 2011 in terms of dollars raised.

Secretary Dee Freeman of Dept. of Environment & Natural Resources is the 2012 SECC State Chair. The Carolina Cares, Carolina Shares Campaign Chair in 2012 is Brenda Richardson Malone, Vice Chancellor for Human Resources. Under her leadership, an advisory board for the University (appointed by the Chancellor) has been operating for the past two years.