A capital itinerary

For young UNC alumni aiming for a career in public policy, there is no place quite like Washington.

The nation’s capital offers an unmatched array of jobs, fellowships and internships for young wonks.

Three recent graduates of the Class of 2010, all Morehead-Cain scholars, offer a glimpse of life in the policy arena through their daily itineraries. On this particular Monday in December, they give us a ground level view of life in the city, from covering Congress to covering the rent.

Kevin Kiley, Class of 2010

Kevin Kiley chronicled his time at the Chronicle of Higher Education, where he worked as an intern after graduation. From the publication’s headquarters in downtown Washington, Kiley handled everything from updates to the Federal Register to a high-impact analysis of federal earmarks. Here’s his morning:

Matt Garza, Class of 2010

Matt Garza took up residence at the Brookings Institution, where his work as a research assistant ranged from analysis of employment data to editing research papers from senior fellows. He balanced his days at Brookings with nights completing homework for a course in mathematical statistics at George Washington University. His typical midday crunch:

Hadley Heath, Class of 2010

Hadley Heath returned after graduation to the Independent Women’s Forum, a conservative think tank where she interned as a UNC student. In her full-time job as a policy analyst, Heath kept tabs on the fast-moving story of health-care reform and offered commentary online and on talk radio. Her evenings:

Interested in their full itineraries? Visit the Morehead-Cain’s spring 2011 issue of The Scholar, available online or in PDF.