Art in science yields fantastic images

A fantastical umbrella, a flowing robe of snowflakes and a nanoworld from a galaxy far, far away were the top winners in the sixth annual CHANL Scientific Art Competition.

The Chapel Hill Analytical and Nanofabrication Laboratory sponsors the competition. Departments from across campus submitted images, and a vote by attendees at the UNC Science Expo resulted in the selection of the top three as People’s Choice Award winners.

A panel of art faculty and graduate students also selected Artist’s Choice images for professional printing and displayed them in the John and June Allcott Undergraduate Gallery in the Hanes Art Center. All submitted images are on display in the second floor lobby of Chapman Hall, and will remain there until next year’s competition. Please stop by to view them.

David Barrow in the UNC Cytokine & Biomarker Analysis Facility/NC Oral Health Institute won the competition with his digital artwork entitled “Don’t Forget Your Umbrella.”

Maria Ina and Aleksandr Zhushma, Department of Chemistry, won second place with “Snowflake Robe,” a fractal-like spot captured  with an electron microscope.

Third place went to Cary Tippets, Yulan Fu, Rene Lopez, Department of Physics & Astronomy, for “Nano World,” a view of a world in a “Galaxy Far Far smaller than our own.” It is actually a transparent polymer viewed through a confocal microscope.

See all of the submissions.

Published June 11, 2014.