Doctor’s touch works with patients, in photos

Paul Godley is a man of many talents. Perhaps many “hats” is an even more fitting term because he’s a part of many different departments and specialities across UNC.

You can see for yourself on his official biography page. One of the hats he wears when not on duty is that of photographer. He’s traveled to most every continent with his family on vacations to see and experience new cultures, people, food and places.

Whether photographing a child in the streets of Vietnam or consulting with a patient about a diagnosis, Godley employs his intuition and charming personality to put the person in front of him at ease within a matter of moments. It comes across in his photos, and if you ask his patients they’ll tell you the same.

Enjoy this month’s video and be sure to check out Godley’s photos.

Published January 23, 2011.