To vape or not vape

Cream of mushroom. Piña colada. A whole Thanksgiving dinner, from turkey to pie. These are some e-cigarette flavors for sale. About half of U.S. smokers have tried e-cigarettes, according to research by UNC postdoctoral student Jessica Pepper. But is that a bad thing? A good thing? Or both?

‘Organized chaos’ in the classroom

Carolina graduate and high school science teacher Mallory Nickel knows a thing or two about holding teenagers’ attention. For one, they can’t sit still. Nickel, who was part of the UNC-BEST program, works to make learning fun and describes her science class labs as “organized chaos.”

Binding a new generation to this place

What is it that binds us to this place? Sometimes, it’s the memory of a favorite television commercial … with an updated twist, passed on to a new generation. When North Carolina native Charles Kuralt joined President Bill Clinton in a packed Kenan Stadium to celebrate Carolina’s bicentennial in October 1993, the words he delivered…

Improved, comprehensive policy addresses sexual violence

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has adopted a more comprehensive policy on sexual violence. The policy, which took effect for reports filed on or after Aug. 28 and applies to all students and employees, also covers discrimination, harassment and related misconduct, interpersonal violence and stalking. It clearly lays out the types of…

International roots, homegrown hospitality

On a recent Sunday evening at the Hoyle family’s home in Chapel Hill, the kitchen filled with the sounds and smells of an international feast in the making. Four undergraduates from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill prepared dinner. Siyu “Anita” Chen and Yongwei “Crystal” Zheng stirred the noodles cooking on the stove…

War vet receives his hearing back

Dr. Oliver Adunka, an ENT surgeon at UNC Health Care, was able to get Dac Carpenter into a clinical trial that installed a sound bridge in one ear. That allows Dac to hear just like he did before he was injured.

Striking archaeological paydirt at UNC president’s house

Carolina faculty and students often head to far-flung locations to do archaeological field work, but this week, they are unearthing a big piece of the past in their own backyard. Monday, a construction crew was preparing to re-surface the driveway of UNC System President Tom Ross’ house on Franklin Street. The driveway curves between his…

‘What’s wrong with my computer?’

When students first arrive on Carolina’s campus, the Information Technology Response Center (ITRC) braces for what’s to come. Sometimes it’s simple, helping a customer set up their computer. Other times, it’s trying to pinpoint the reason a computer is running slowly, restoring a hard drive, or navigating the control panel of a computer in a…