UNC and Duke vs the world

In the Game of Life, when the opponents in your tournament bracket include the greatest problems of our time, it takes strategy and teamwork to seek solutions.

And while UNC and Duke are rivals on the basketball court, the two schools’ faculty, staff and students often join forces to take on pressing global, national and local issues and challenges.This Tar Heel/Blue Devil “dream team” has great offense and defense, a strong roster, and it plays well both at home and on the road, as you can see in the following graphic.

Bottom line: Even if they don’t take the champion’s crown in this year’s Game of Life tournament, the Tar Heel/Blue Devil “dream team” is a strong contender and will have a major influence on the outcome.*

* However, this formidable alliance is sometimes put on hold: come tip off at the big UNC vs. Duke basketball game on Feb. 8, we’re pretty sure which shades of blue our respective students, faculty and staff will be wearing.

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