“You can’t control every factor”

Will Leimenstoll earns a small stipend for all his work as UNC student body president. He doesn’t get paid for his volunteer work, like raising money for scholarships in South Africa. But Leimenstoll gives back to Carolina in many ways other than just paying tuition.
“I’m not ashamed to receive financial aid,” said Leimenstoll, a senior from Greensboro who receives grants and also uses three types of federal student loans to pay his way. “I don’t consider myself a burden on the University.”
Leimenstoll called his family “solidly middle class.” His mother, Jo, has been a professor of interior architecture at UNC Greensboro for about 30 years. His father, Jerry, is semi-retired and drawing Social Security. Together, his parents are Ramsay Leimenstoll Architects, a small business they run in a renovated South Elm Street building.