You’re invited: Folt installation Oct. 12

Chancellor Carol Folt has been listening to students, faculty, staff, alumni and others who are passionate about Carolina and its future success. She has described her first 100 days on the job as “the most wonderful wild ride you can possibly imagine.”

The ride continues this week as Carolina prepares for Folt’s installation on Saturday, October 12, starting at 1:30 p.m. on Polk Place. She will talk about Carolina’s future as part of a University Day celebration that’s steeped in the academic traditions of the nation’s first public university.

Folt has been learning about the campus she leads, talking with the campus community about their academic passions, their research and life in their corner of Carolina. She has taken a similar approach with alumni, donors, friends and North Carolina leaders in visits and events across the state and beyond. She says that she has gleaned several powerful, recurring themes from everyone she has spoken with, and through every personal story she has heard.

“Every place I’ve gone, people have talked about the creation of new knowledge, new ideas and new outreach,” she says. “Carolina is a place where that buzz of energy and excitement is at the front of everybody’s day.”

Carolina’s culture is open to change, she says.

“People here are always thinking about the future,” Folt says. “They are anticipating what our University needs to be strong and ready for tomorrow. They are thinking about how to prepare our students to go into a changing world, one we can only imagine.”

On Saturday, she will deliver an installation address from the steps of South Building looking out over Polk Place. Then she will stand with the audience while the South Building bell rings 11 times in honor of the University’s 11th chancellor.

Read more about the ceremony, which will mark Carolina’s 220th birthday, related events and installation traditions such as the Durant Bible and the Chancellor’s Medallion.

Published October 8, 2013.