What to Expect

Service & Outreach

UNC-BEST is proud to support the mission of service and outreach that is central to UNC-Chapel Hill. In both PHYS 410 and BIOL 410, students design inquiry based lessons that support student mastery of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and share these with local science teachers. In addition, students in both courses assist local science teachers and high school students once a week during their fieldwork. Students teach lessons, help design laboratories and tutor students one on one. Keiko Stout, a student in BIOL 410 tutored students during her fieldwork and was delighted she helped a student understand Mendelian Modes of Inheritance by inquiring into what a Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel’s baby might look like if they had one. “That was all it took to make the concept click in her brain. It is absolutely amazing to see students understand biology because of what I do!”

“Knowing that these lesson plans I've been working on are not just "assignments" has definitely motivated me to take this project, and this class, to another level. Who knows, maybe one of my lessons will serve as an inspiration for the worlds next great scientist!”

Heather Wetherell Heather Wetherell, a UNC-BEST student sharing the simulation she designed for helping students envision how natural selection can result in changes in a population and, thus, the evolution of the population.
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