Carolina Boxing

UNC Boxing History In 1876, Julian Baker brought boxing gloves to UNC’s campus when he started the Athletic Association. Participation in the sport fluctuated over the subsequent decades highlighted by duel meets with Duke and VMI. Most recently, in 2002 Paul Kropp, a chemistry professor for the university, had begun teaching students the basics of boxing with informal workouts held weekly in the racquetball courts. Then in the fall of 2004, Chris Campbell, a student working out with Professor Kropp, registered the group as an officially recognized student organization. At about this time Matt Haley, a graduate student who boxed for Penn State, began attending the workouts to lend additional help with instruction and training. Registering the club with the National Collegiate Boxing Association remained only a topic of discussion until Dan Carleton finished his freshman season as a UNC varsity wrestler in 2006. Dan was interested in boxing competitively and became the catalyst for transforming the informal workouts into a nationally-competing team. He asked Matt Haley to step in as the first coach and begin the Carolina Boxing Club with three members, Dan as the president, and Frank Zhong and Travis Boyer as the team Captains. In the fall of 2006, the club held its first workouts, open to the student body and community and achieved a membership of over 50 members. Now, workouts can attract over 100 participants and tryouts for the competing team are held several times a year.


In Short
The UNC Boxing Club was founded to teach the fundamentals of boxing to the UNC community. Our Monday and Wednesday practices are open to anyone interested in learning basic technique and engaging in group exercise sessions. The club is designed to introduce boxing and physical conditioning to individuals at all levels of experience and physical fitness.

All workouts are done at an individual pace so no one should feel that this club is too rigorous or too easy given their current ability. Each club meeting will start with a warm up and stretch before proceeding into various exercises focusing on strength, endurance, and technique. This is generally accomplished by splitting the attendants into different groups. As the semester progresses, more time is spent on technique practice.

Meeting Times

During the fall and spring semesters, the club meets for non-contact practices on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays 7:30-9:30 PM in the Eddie Smith Field House, always following the academic calendar regarding holidays and final exams. Monday and Wednesday practices are a mix of conditioning and technique training. Thursday practices are focused on technique training.

Contact practices are held Tuesdays at 7:30 PM and Fridays at 6:00 PM. Members with at least a semester of training or prior boxing experience should ask club staff about getting a USA Boxing passbook, which is required for these practices.

During the summer, less formal practices are usually held once a week.

Dues Club dues are $40/semester for new members. This includes a club T-shirt and hand wraps. Returning members pay $20/semester. After the first three weeks of the semester, new member dues go up to $50.

Your dues help pay for the equipment used during the club practices. Every effort is made to insure that the gloves and mitts are in good condition to protect the user's hands. They are also cleaned regularly with a bleach solution Members are asked to keep their personal hand wraps clean and dry as well.


Connor Toole COMP 2016 112
Le Ho PHIL 2019 125
IK David HIST/PWAD 2016 139
Mike Dinh BIO/CHEM 2017 156
Matt Kimble PUBPLCY/POLI 2016 165
David Mossman PWAD 2016 175
Jake Beeson BIO 2017 185
ian Ian Roderiques 2007 Midwest Regional Runner Up 125lbs
sam Sam Mouer 2010 Midwest Regional 3rd Place 139lbs
mike Mike Oehl 2010 Midwest Regional 3rd Place 156lbs
dre Dre Browne 2012 Midwest Regional 3rd Place 156lbs
michelle Michelle Kern 2013 National Champion
2014 Regional Champion
2015 National Champion
zak Zak Haidary 2014 Regional 3rd Place 165lbs
jake Jake Beeson 2015 Regional Runner-Up
2015 National 3rd Place
President Jake Beeson

Vice President Le Ho

Treasurer Devon Genua

Interim Treasurer Mike Dinh

Secretary David Mossman

Operations Officer Emma Johnson

Marketing Officer Omar Rezk

Head Club Trainer Matt Kimble

Club Trainers Conor Reid, Emma Johnson, Devon Genua, Matt Stormont, Gaby Aleman, and Thomas Blakey

Webmaster Richard Jennings

Photographer Jeremy Lange, Roger Yu

Coaches Josh Sokal, Sean Lynch

Faculty Adviser Jackie Gorman

Founders Dan Carleton, Matt Haley, Frank Zhong, Chris Campbell

How does UNC Boxing work?

Our organization has two parts:

1) A nationally competing team made of UNC students that practices six days a week, and

2) A non-contact club, open to all community members, which focuses on the basics of boxing technique and conditioning. Our club meets twice a week on Mondays and Wednesdays. Additionally, there is a special technique only practice held on Thursdays.

After participating in club for at least a semester, you are welcome to attend team practices to gain additional technique work and participate in contact practices (see below regarding passbooks).

Do I need any prior boxing experience to join?

No, our workouts are designed so that no matter what level of athletic ability or boxing experience you have, you will gain something from each session. The workouts are difficult, but can be tailored to each person's ability.

I am not an undergraduate student at UNC, am I still able to join?

Yes! Our club represents our community, and we proudly welcome all who are interested in boxing. Though our membership is primarily made of undergraduates, we have a considerable number of graduate students, high school students, professors, and community members who are a part of our organization. To join, all you have to do is pay your dues and sign a liability waiver.

Can I join even though we’re 6 weeks into the semester?

Yes, new members are welcome any time throughout the semester. However there is an increase in member dues 3 weeks into the semester to encourage members to join early.

How much are dues, and what do I get when I pay them? What do my dues go to?

Dues are $40 if you join within the first three weeks of the semester, and $50 starting the fourth week of the semester. Returning member dues are $20.

With your first payment of dues, you will receive a UNC Boxing t-shirt, a pair of reusable hand wraps, access to club social events, and access to all club workouts throughout the semester.

Dues are used to purchase new equipment for club use, finance the annual Clash at Carolina collegiate boxing matches, and help with team travel expenses.

How can I purchase UNC Boxing merchandise?

Feel free to stop by our club to purchase a UNC boxing t-shirt, tank top, or snap back. Club members are welcome to purchase mitts and gloves, but only after participating in the club for at least a semester.

Will I be expected to show up at every practice?

No, feel free to come to practices at your leisure. However, if you’re interested in competition you should attend as many practices as possible.

Can I show up on the first day and spar?

No, for safety and liability reasons you’ll need to learn (or show you possess) the skills and conditioning required to spar AND have a current USA Boxing passbook.

What is a USA Boxing passbook and where do I get one?

USA Boxing governs amateur boxing in the United States, which includes college level boxing. The passbook is your registration document and provides secondary health and dental insurance, and liability coverage for the club. See this document for details on getting a passbook.

I’ve trained at a boxing gym before, is the UNC club like that?

No, all boxing gyms are different and college clubs are no exception.

I have prior boxing experience and want to join the team, how soon can I try out?

If you have prior sanctioned amateur bouts and a current USA Boxing passbook, then a try-out will be scheduled once you’ve trained at the club for a few weeks to get a feel for the program.

Where can I learn more?

Check out USA Boxing , National Collegiate Boxing Association , and our Twitter page, @uncbox !