Pool Rules

Swim Diaper and Fecal Contamination Policy

Permanent swim diapers are required for use by young children using diapers. The Farm is committed to reducing the number of fecal accidents and this policy will be heavily enforced. County regulations require a twenty-four hours closure when a fecal contamination occurs. Parents please talk to your non-diapered children about the importance of taking frequent bathroom breaks at the pool. There will be a ten minute break at the end of each hour between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. for swimmers ages 6 and under. This break will provide opportunities for parents to check swim diapers and remind their children to use the bathroom..

Badge System

Because of the large number of children under 8 who use the pool, all members are asked to adhere to the following policy: Children under 8 who have earned a Red Cross badge (beginner or up) or the FARM badge should wear the appropriate patch on their bathing suit. Children who wish to earn the FARM badge can ask the Pool Supervisor or a head guard for a water test for the FARM badge.

To pass the FARM badge, a child must be able to:
  • Swim 20 yards of the crawl stroke with rhythmic breathing
  • Tread water for a minute
  • Do ten bobs in deep water
  • Float on their front and back

Children under 8 without a badge are restricted to the following areas unless accompanied by a parent: the wading area in the upper pool; the area of similar depth (up to the rope) in the lower pool. All children under 8 who have earned a badge must get a lifeguard to watch them go off the high board. If an underage child is not wearing a badge, they will not be allowed in water deeper than the 3-foot area of the pool.

Flotation Devices

Those children requiring the use of a personal flotation device may do so only under adult supervision. This adult must watch only one child at a time and remain within an arm’s length from the child. Floats are permitted only in shallow ends of the upper and lower pools and may be cleared from the water under crowded conditions.

Lightning policy

In the event lightning is seen at the pool, the pool will be closed for a minimum of thirty minutes, following the last bolt seen or close/loud thunderhead. The pool will also be closed in the event of close/loud thunderheads. The reopening of the pool will be decided by the Pool Supervisor or head guard, and the pool will only be reopened when the weather is no longer threatening. Under severe weather conditions, members are requested to clear the pool deck quickly and follow the instructions of the Pool Supervisor or head guard. These instructions may include entering the bathhouses or requesting that all members seek shelter in their cars, or leave the facility.


Due to the risks involved with diving in shallow water, diving is permitted only from the side of the seven foot area near the diving well. Please observe the NO DIVING signs placed around the pools and make every effort to ensure a safe swimming environment.