UNC-Chapel Hill Retired Faculty Association

RFA Membership

The RFA Bylaws establish four categories of membership: life, full, associate, and honorary.

To Join: To join the organization, please contact uncrfa@gmail.com. The annual dues are $20 and may be mailed to PO Box 4003, Chapel Hill, NC 27515.

Life members and full members shall be former members of the UNC-CH general faculty as defined in the Faculty Code of University Government, Article 1, Paragraph A; or EPA non-faculty and research associates who have retired; or spouses of those in the above categories. Life and full members are voting members and are eligible to hold office in the Association. Life members have made a lump-sum lifetime payment of dues; full members pay on an annual basis.

Associate members shall be persons who have been faculty members of other institutions of higher learning and who are retired in this community, and their spouses. Associate members are non-voting members and are not eligible to hold office.

Honorary members shall be other persons nominated and elected by life and full members. Nominations shall be submitted in writing with a statement of rationale to the Executive Committee. Honorary members are non-voting members and are not eligible to hold office.

Questions concerning membership shall be determined by a majority vote of the Executive Committee and shall be final.