What We Are

Write On! is a free program for teens interested in writing offered at the Durham County Library through a partnership with the UNC-Chapel Hill Writing Center. The goal of the program is to encourage teens to explore their intellectual and creative abilities in the company of other teens and with the guidance of writing coaches.

UNC students, trained through the Writing Center, facilitate Tuesday evening workshops for teens in 7th through 12th grades in the library's Main Branch. The focus of fall workshops is essay writing, and the focus of spring workshops is creative writing. Teens can come on a drop-in basis but are encouraged to attend regularly.

The Tuesday evening Write On! Workshops encourage fun, freedom, and focus.

Fun: Too often, people think of writing as an ordeal, something they can't do, boring. We view writing as exploration, trying out new forms, ideas, and words. While this exploration can be playful or serious, we keep in mind the enjoyable aspects of writing.

Freedom: Good writers make choices, such as what to write about, how to start, and what particular words to use. We encourage teens to make many choices themselves, allowing them time to decide when they are ready to write and what they want to say.

Focus: While some pieces of writing get balled up and thrown away, other pieces get rewritten, proofread, and printed. Our best written work needs readers. We teach teens to give each other feedback on their writing, revise, and share the work they're proudest of.