Accessible Electronic Content
Carolina's Ongoing Commitment to Students with Disabilities


The mission of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is to serve all the people of the State, and indeed the nation, as a center for scholarship and creative endeavor. To fulfill this mission, the programs and facilities of the University must be accessible to every student in the University community. The University is committed to providing reasonable accommodations so that students with disabilities who are otherwise qualified may, as independently as possible, meet the demands of University life.

In recent years, the volume of web-based and other electronic learning materials has grown considerably. The number of non-residential students taking online courses is also expected to increase. These trends present new challenges to the University's commitment to disabled learners.

What Should I Do?

In fall 2002, the University announced new policies to help ensure that students with disabilities have access to all appropriate electronic course materials and academic support systems.

All instructors and other owners of electronic University data that is available to students (personal Web pages are not included) should begin to familiarize themselves with the University's accessibility Guidelines.