Pre-Program Material

E-mailed Article Week 1: Living and Learning with New Media: Summary of Findings from the Digital Youth Project by Mizuko Ito, et al.
E-mailed Article Week 2:
Ed Tech Experts Choose Top Tools by Jennifer Demski
E-mailed Video Week 3: Learning World Affairs through Digital Media from
E-mailed Article Week 4: Simple Changes in Current Practices May Save Our Schools by Marc Prensky

Study Guide
Required Reading #1: For Openers: How Technology is Changing School by Curtis J. Bonk
Required Reading #2:
Beyond Technology: The End of the Job and the Beginning of Digital Work by Alan November

School Teams and Action Plans:
We ask symposium participants to come to the symposium as a school-based or district-based team when possible, and each team is asked to draft an action plan to take back to its school and implement.  For that purpose, we have set aside an action team meeting on the first day, where a faculty advisor will work with the team as a resource person and meeting facilitator.  A sample action plan and a reference booklet (Action Planning for Global Education) are available for your preparation on our website ( 

The action plan focus can be on the symposium topic or another topic of your choosing.  We will send your plan to your superintendent or head of school so that he or she knows your planned course of action and to encourage support.  You may turn in a copy of your action plan at the end of the symposium or, if you prefer, you may take it home to finish and mail it back to World View.  If your team knows what it will focus on during the action team meeting, please send an email to Leslie at World View ( so we can match your team’s needs to an appropriate faculty advisor.  If you choose not to meet as a team, please also let us know.