Global Updates From World View
February 2008

International Summer Opportunities for Educators and Students
Annual Edition

This annual issue of Global Updates highlights a sample of summer institutes or courses, international service learning and exchange opportunities, and international study tours for educators and a special section with a few opportunities for students.

Summer Institutes, Courses & Conferences (US-based)

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition Summer Institutes
The Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition (CARLA) at the University of Minnesota has sponsored a summer institute program for second language teachers since 1996. Participants at the CARLA summer institutes have included foreign language and ESL teachers at all levels of instruction, program administrators, and curriculum specialists, and have come from all over the world. Eleven institutes will be offered in 2008. For more information visit:

International Studies Summer Institute 2008
This summer institute helps 7th to 12th grade teachers create internationally-themed lesson plans and apply their problem-solving skills to international issues, learning where to get the resources they need to make these lesson plans and ideas a reality when they return to their schools.  There will be many activities, such as international films, simulation games, and cultural entertainment.
Dates: July 13 - 26, 2008
Location: Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
Cost: $1,000 includes lodging in single rooms, meals, access to University services, cultural events, transportation to/from the airport, books, and international dinners.

Iran Through the Looking Glass - Perceptions and Misperceptions
This 3-day summer institute for secondary teachers will give an opportunity to deepen understanding of Iranian culture and politics, and explore critical issues in Iranian-U.S. relations. Major themes covered during this institute will include Islam and Iranian society, the role of Islam in politics, democratic forces in Iran, the history of Iranian-U.S. relations, and current pressing issues in Iranian-U.S relations, including nuclear proliferation and Iran’s involvement in the Iraq conflict. Participants will hear from leading scholars on the subject. For more information visit:
Application deadline: March 31, 2008
Dates: June 29 - July 2, 2008
Location: Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island
Cost: Fees, housing, and meals will all be covered. All participating teachers will receive curriculum materials from the Choices Program. Participants will be responsible for their own travel expenses.

Pearl Harbor: History, Memory, Memorial, The East-West Center
This workshop will provide historical and cultural context for understanding the Pearl Harbor attacks. Participants will engage in conversations with leading U.S. and Japanese scholars and through hands-on sessions, participants will explore issues of content and pedagogy in teaching Pearl Harbor and develop plans for collaborative projects and lesson plans that integrate materials from the workshop. Participants will also visit the Arizona Memorial and related attack sites and will have the unique opportunity to meet with Pearl Harbor survivors, WW II generation residents of Hawaii, and Japanese Americans who spent the wartime years in internment camps. The program is designed for secondaryeducators teaching humanities subjects but other K-12 educators are eligible to participate, subject to available space. For more information visit:
Application deadline: March 17, 2008
Dates: July 26 - August 1, 2008 and August 2-8, 2008 (same workshop offered twice)
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
Cost: There is no fee for attending the workshop. Participants will receive a stipend of $500 to help cover ordinary living expenses (including lodging and meals), some books, and travel expenses to and from the workshop location. Additional travel supplements may also be available.

Seminar on Korean History & Culture and the Korean American Experience This five-day seminar provides an understanding of Korean history, fosters an awareness of its rich culture, and makes available outstanding resources and lessons. Participants learn about Korea from prominent scholars, view engaging films, explore Koreatown, savor delicious food, visit a Buddhist temple, view exquisite art, and hear the unique sounds of Korean music, and more. Participants also will learn about study and travel grants. For applications and more information, visit
Application deadline:
March 15, 2008
July 7 - 11, 2008
Los Angeles, California
Cost: Registration is $75. Three fellowships (airfare, hotel stay, additional funds for meals) available for teachers who live over 60 miles from the Los Angeles area. UCLA Extension credit is available. 

Summer Institute for Secondary Teachers: China's Transformations on the Eve of the Olympics
All eyes are on China as it prepares for the 2008 Olympics. At such a critical time, it is important for American students and teachers to understand the dynamic issues that define China today. Participants will analyze China's recent economic, political, and social changes, including such issues as political changes and individual freedom issues; environmental challenges of rapid modernization; the growing divides between rich and poor, urban and rural in China today; as well as insights into world media coverage of China and the Olympics. Applications are available at
Application deadline: March 7, 2008
Dates: July 21 - 30, 2008
Location: University of Colorado at Boulder
Cost: $75 registration fee, but other major participant costs of the institute (housing, meals, and $500 towards airfare) are covered through a grant by the Freeman Foundation.

Southeast Asian Studies Summer Institute (SEASSI)
SEASSI is an eight-week intensive language training program for undergraduate and graduate students and professionals, held on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Instruction is offered in the following languages:  Burmese, Filipino, Hmong, Indonesian, Javanese, Khmer, Lao, Thai, and Vietnamese. Each language course is equivalent to two semesters of study, with full academic-year credit.  Instruction is given in small individualized groups. Visit for more information.
Application deadline: April 4, 2008
Dates: June 16 - August 8, 2008
Location: Madison, Wisconsin
Cost: $3,000 (language instruction only)

Understanding and Teaching about Islam
Dar al Islam offers a free residential two-week long summer institute, primarily for secondary school teachers. The program covers the faith, civilization, and world-view of Islam through a study of primary texts and classical and later interpretations. The goal is to offer educators an opportunity to see how Islam works in the daily life of Muslims and to better understand the basic tenets this fast growing faith in the US and the world. Graduate-level college credits available.
Application deadline: March 31, 2008
Dates: July 6 - 20, 2008
Location: Abiquiu, northern New Mexico
Cost: No registration costs, participants must pay for their own travel to Albuquerque, “rustic” accommodations provided. There is a fee to earn college credits.

Yellowstone Ecology Institute, Educator of Excellence Institute, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Home to American bison, gray wolves, elk, moose, and grizzly bears, Yellowstone National Park is one of the premier wilderness areas in the world. Explore America's first national park and its magnificent wildlife, unique geology, and historical importance in the formation of our National Park System. Learn about the reintroduction of wolves, the role of fire in natural ecosystems, and other conservation and environmental issues facing both North Carolina and Yellowstone. This program is for North Carolina educators of all grade levels with science as part of their teaching responsibility.  For more information and an application, visit:
Application deadline: March 14, 2008
June 12 - 20, 2008 (plus additional pre- and post-trip sessions in Raleigh)
Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho
Cost: $500 includes roundtrip air transportation from Raleigh to Bozeman, MT, ground transportation, instruction, supplies, and lodging

Service Learning, Volunteer & Exchange Opportunities

Cross-Cultural Solutions
Cross-Cultural Solutions flexible international volunteer programs offer the opportunity to come face-to-face with global issues and become part of productive solutions. They have developed partnerships with social service pioneers in a number of host countries and sponsor projects that focus on health care, education, and social development. Volunteer Abroad participants can choose from almost 200 start dates and from 12 countries.
Duration: 2 - 12 weeks
Cost: $2,389 – and higher (excludes travel to and from the site)

Earthwatch Institute
Earthwatch expeditions allow participants to work side-by-side with leading scientists on ongoing research projects worldwide. Fellowships are awarded through a competitive application process to elementary, middle, and high school educators and administrators of all disciplines.
Duration: varies
Cost: $700 - $4,000 (excludes travel to and from the site; sponsorship available)

Global Educators Program
The Global Educators Program is designed to provide educators with 3 or 4 week, team-teaching experiences in sites around the world. The program has placed over 500 educators in "host schools" in over 50 countries. Each participant chooses the location to which s/he will travel and designs a personalized Professional Development Plan to meet his/her specific needs and interests. In addition to the international teaching experience, participants earn graduate credits by selecting from options that include participation in conferences and workshops, designing 'globalized' curriculum and/or comparative research projects; and developing collaborative telecommunications project work between home and host school students and teachers. Course is open to pre-K through post-secondary educators, all subject and content areas, including administration, special needs, counseling, vocational education, etc. Applications accepted through mid-March. For further information visit
Duration: 3 or 4 weeks
Cost: varies depending on site

Global Volunteer Network
The Global Volunteer Network offers volunteer opportunities in community projects throughout the world. They currently provide volunteer programs in Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Ghana, Honduras, India, Kenya, Nepal, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, and Vietnam.
Duration: most programs are 2 - 12 weeks
Cost: varies depending on country of program and length of stay.

Global Volunteers
Global Volunteers places volunteers in 150 programs in 20 countries, including the United States. Teams of volunteers live and work together with local people on human and economic development projects.
Duration: 1 - 3 weeks
Cost: $1,370-$2,750

Habitat for Humanity: Global Village Program
Habitat for Humanity International’s Global Village trips allows participants a unique opportunity to become active partners with people of another culture. Team members work alongside members of the host country to build homes in impoverished areas.
Duration: 9 - 14 days
Cost: $1,000 - $2,200 (includes room and board, travel insurance, in country transportation and a donation to the project)

India Summer Teacher Program
Selected U.S. high school teachers of English, math, or science will travel to India to team-teach with their Indian counterparts during the regular-term academic program. Grantees will be placed at schools in New Delhi, where the language of instruction is English.  For more information visit:
Application deadline: February 28, 2008
Dates: July 7 - August 15, 2008
Cost:  Teachers selected to participate will receive a per diem, a housing allowance, round-trip economy airfare, visa fees, health insurance, and reimbursement of visa fee.

Morocco Teacher Exchange Program [For Fall 2008]
The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Program is currently seeking U.S. teachers (grades 9-12) of English as a second language, French, Arabic, or Social Studies to travel to Morocco for a six-week job-shadowing exchange (Fall 2008) preceded by a three-day, in-country orientation. In Spring 2009, U.S. teachers will host Moroccan teachers for a six-week job-shadowing exchange in the U.S. For more information visit:
Application deadline:  February 20, 2008
Duration: 6 weeks+
Location: Morocco

Operations Crossroads Africa
Operations Crossroads Africa is a cross-cultural exchange program offering seven-week volunteer opportunities in various African countries. All projects are community-initiated, so participants will live and work with hosts who have designed the project. Projects fall into five categories: community construction/development, women in development, agriculture/reforestation, community medical or health outreach, and education/training projects.
Duration/Dates: 7 weeks / June 15 - August 10, 2008
Cost: $3,500 (includes airfare, in country travel, room and board, materials)

Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad has many volunteer programs for both educators and students (16 and over). Programs are in teaching, care and community, medicine, conservation, business, journalism, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, animal care, IT projects, sports, law, Nomad projects, Inca projects, Khmer projects, Spanish, French and Russian. Programs are currently available in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
Duration: Most placements are from 2 weeks to 6 months, year round
Cost: $1,695 (includes housing, meals, medical and travel insurance, and program. Travel to site is not included)

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships
The Ambassadorial Scholarships program sponsors several types of scholarships for individual study terms ranging from three months to two years abroad. Qualified professionals can apply through their local rotary clubs. While abroad, scholars give presentations about their homelands to Rotary clubs and other groups. Upon returning home, scholars share with local Rotarians and others the experiences that led to greater understanding of their host countries.
Duration: varies
Cost: none

Service Civil International Voluntary Service
Service Civil International is a non-profit network for voluntary service promoting global tolerance and understanding through grassroots community service in 50 countries. Its work camp service visits require less out-of-pocket cost, but are somewhat more rustic – often requiring volunteers to bring sleeping bags and tents. Participants must be willing to live, work, and cook together with others from different backgrounds and cultures.
Duration: 2 - 3 weeks
Cost: $195 (excludes travel to and from the site)

Taiwan Teacher Exchange Opportunity [Program for School Year 2008-09]
The Graduate School, USDA is currently seeking applications from certified teachers who are interested in teaching in primary and middle schools for one academic year (starting August 2008) in Taiwan on a new program currently being planned in the U.S. by the Graduate School, USDA and in Taiwan by the Ministry of Education. Selected applicants will serve as visiting teachers in Taiwanese schools and shall be employed for one year in order to facilitate the exchange of knowledge, experience, and teaching techniques.  Salaries will be paid by hosting school in Taiwan.
Application deadline: March 3, 2008
1 year
Location: Taiwan

WorldTeach at the Center for International Development
WorldTeach is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based at Harvard University which provides opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful contribution to international education by living and working as volunteer teachers in developing countries. In addition to year-long programs, World Teach also offers 2-month service programs in China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Namibia, Poland, and South Africa.
Duration: 2 months
Cost: $3,990 (includes airfare)

Study Tours

Contemporary Russia: A Summer Area Studies Program in Moscow, Russia
This program is open to US Elementary and Secondary school teachers, sponsored by the
American Councils for International Education. No prior knowledge of Russian required and significant financial aid available. Educators may also qualify to earn academic credit from Bryn Mawr College. For more information visit:

Ecuador Culture and Ecology Institute, NC Museum of Natural Sciences and Heifer International
Explore the connections between environmental sustainability and poverty during the third year of this special collaboration between the Museum and Heifer International ( Experience and learn about South American ecosystems and the people who live and work in them. Participants will visit several Heifer International projects which focus on helping impoverished families move from poverty toward self-reliance. This program is for North Carolina educators of all grade levels with science as part of their teaching responsibility and is open only to applicants to have participated in at least one prior Educators of Excellence Institute. For more information and an application, visit:
Application deadline: March 14, 2008
June 18 - 27, 2008 (plus additional pre- and post-trip sessions in Raleigh)
Location: Ecuador, South America
Cost: $800 includes roundtrip air transportation from Raleigh to Quito, Ecuador, ground transportation, instruction, lodging, and most meals

GEEO Travel Opportunities for Educators
GEEO is a non-profit organization created to help and encourage educators to travel abroad in order to bring their experiences back into the classroom and create a more outward-looking next generation of Americans. In the summer of 2008, GEEO will be leading educator trips to Peru and India. These trips are customized to include activities that will be particularly interesting to teachers, including school visits. Detailed information about each trip, including itineraries, travel dates, and more can be found at under "Our Travel Programs".

Mexico-- Globalizing Women’s Studies: Pedagogy and Praxis,Center for Global Education at Augsburg College
This 8-day immersion experience will explore the wide variety of issues that diverse Mexican women identify as issues of struggle within the current context of capitalist globalization. While focusing on global perspectives, participants will hear about gender and women’s issues within the context of Mexican society, and be challenged in how we use language, theory and ask questions about the study of women and gender in a global context. For more information visit:
Application deadline: April 21, 2008
Dates: July 12 - 20, 2008
Location: Mexico
Cost: $1,350 (does not include international airfare, visa/passport, and entry/exit fees)

Travel and Teach: Cambodia, The East-West Center 
This unique program offers US K12 teachers the opportunity to develop meaningful real-life connections to the cultures, religions, economy, ecologies, and more through experiential professional learning, enriched by one-on-one interactions with people in local communities. The 2008 “Travel and Teach” itinerary provides knowledge-enhanced immersion experiences in Cambodia. Please visit or contact for more information.
Application deadline:
February 18, 2008
Dates: July 6 - 22, 2008
Location: Cambodia
Cost: $1,350 (includes lodging and most meals, host family and school honoraria, guides, site visits. Excludes airfare to/from Cambodia and passport and visa fees)  

Tropical Ecology Institute, Educator of Excellence Institute, NC Museum of Natural Sciences
Learn firsthand about surprising similarities between the tropics and your own backyard. Discover exotic species of birds, butterflies, arthropods, and other animals unique to the tropics. On this nine-day adventure, educators from North Carolina and Belize will explore the Cockscomb Basin rain forest, Mayan ruins, and a coral reef, with in-depth information provided by Museum naturalists. This program is for North Carolina educators of all grade levels with science as part of their teaching responsibility.  For more information and an application, visit:
Application deadline: March 14, 2008
July 22 - 30, 2008 (plus additional pre- and post-trip sessions in Raleigh)
Location: Belize, Central America
Cost: $800 includes roundtrip air transportation from NC to Belize, ground transportation, instruction, supplies, lodging, and meals

Student Opportunities

Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Initiative: Summer Institute for Youth
The Department of Communication at Wake Forest University, with the US Department of State has available 20 Scholarships for American students to attend the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellows Institution. Scholarships include all program costs, activities, housing, meals. Application form can be found at
Application Deadline: March 15, 2008
Dates: Founders Institute (Ages 15-17): June 28 - July 23
Diplomats Institute (Ages 17-19): July 5 - July 30
Location: Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Challenge: TOMORROW
Challenge: TOMORROW leads students ages 12-16 through a 21 day summer program that provides cultural perspective, Mandarin language instruction, leadership skill development, teambuilding and problem solving skills, and sustainable relationship development opportunities. This program includes an extensive pre-travel preparation study and post-travel support activities. For more information go to:

Civic Education Project, Middle and High School Summer Student Programs
The  Civic Education Project (CEP), a leadership and citizenship program at Northwestern University, offers  an intensive  three-week service-learning course for 7th-12th graders during the summer.  CEP programs explore complex social issues through academic study, meaningful service work, and meetings with community leaders, and teach young people how to apply their skills and abilities to pressing social issues in their own communities.  This year, CEP will offer programs in  Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, New Orleans, New York, and San Francisco, covering a wide variety of topics, including poverty, homelessness, education, public health, law, politics, leadership, and social change.

National Geographic Student Expeditions
National Geographic Student Expeditions, designed for high school students, offer active, hands-on expeditions combining education and adventure. Students take on projects that allow them to focus on a particular area of interest—photography, writing, culture, or conservation, while spending three weeks exploring fascinating places like Costa Rica, Peru, Tanzania, China, India, Belize, or Spain. To learn more visit:

Partnership for Youth: The Politics of Power in Cambodia, The East-West Center
A travel study program in Cambodia offers experiential learning in Cambodia as well as a hands-on opportunity to develop leadership and media literacy skills, personal growth, and cross-cultural relationship building. Applicants must be sophomores entering 11th grade during the 2008-2009 school year. More information available at:
Application Deadline: February 18, 2008
Dates: June 28 - July 20, 2008
Honolulu and Cambodia
Cost: $1,500 includes r/t airfare from Honolulu, housing/hotel in Honolulu and Cambodia, most meals, domestic flight and other travel in Cambodia, and all other program costs in-country. Students have to fly to Honolulu on their own, and they're responsible for their own passport, visa and airport exit fees.

Projects Abroad
Projects Abroad has many volunteer programs for both educators and students (16 and over). Programs are in teaching, care and community, medicine, conservation, business, journalism, veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, animal care, IT projects, sports, law, Nomad projects, Inca projects, Khmer projects, Spanish, French and Russian. Programs are currently available in Argentina, Bolivia, Cambodia, Chile, China, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Mexico, Moldova, Mongolia, Nepal, Peru, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.
Duration: Most placements are from 2 weeks to 6 months, year round
Cost: $1,695 (includes housing, meals, medical and travel insurance, and program. Travel to site is not included)

Rotary Youth Exchange
Rotary Youth Exchange is open to young people ages 15-25 worldwide. Youth serve as ambassadors of American culture, while living in a new country and meeting new friends. Short and long term exchanges are available. For more information visit:

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Far from Home: Artists, Identity, and the Global Community
A Workshop at the NC Museum of Art

Saturday, March 8, 9:30 am - Noon
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Partial credit .25 CEU

How do artists represent themselves and their subjects in today’s global society? This workshop will focus on possible answers offered by the new exhibition Far From Home which contains work from the Museum’s permanent collections, other institutions, and private collections. Geared to art and social studies teachers.

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New Nelson Mandela Exhibit

The American Tobacco Campus in Durham is hosting a new Nelson Mandela Exhibit, Nelson Mandela: A Light so Powerful. The exhibit is a collection of art and memorabilia creatively displayed within wire walls depicting both his incarceration and his triumph. The exhibit is free and open to the public through April 30. For more information on the exhibit, please go online to Groups of 25 or more must register online.


American Foreign Service
National High School Essay Contest

The American Foreign Service Association National High School Essay Contest is open to all high school students whose parents are not in the U.S. Foreign Service. The winner will receive $2500 and a trip to DC with 3 family members. The winner’s school also receives $500.
Deadline is April 15, 2008.


2008 American Stars of Teaching Awards

The U.S. Department of Education's Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative is accepting nominations for 2008 American Stars of Teaching until March 31. Parents, students, colleagues, school administrators and others can nominate an exemplary teacher who they believe has the qualities to be an American Star of Teaching.

They are seeking nominations of teachers across the U.S. who are improving student achievement, using innovative strategies in the classroom and making a difference in the lives of their students. Teachers across all grade levels and disciplines will be honored as 2008 American Stars of Teaching this fall. To nominate a teacher, go to: