Global Updates From World View
June 2008

Summer Fun Online: Globally-themed Quizzes and Games

Keep your mind sharp and thinking globally this summer by challenging yourself to a quiz, game, or other online activity. The following Global Update is a combination of game and quiz sites recommended by My Wonderful World, as well as games produced by National Geographic, the United Nations, the European Union, and more. Fun for all ages!

Recommendations from My Wonderful World:

Africa for Kids
Follow Femi from Nigeria and play a thumb piano, make a mask, hear a Swahili folktale, and more in this PBS site.

Chimp Challenge
Can you learn the social reactions needed to survive in a troop of chimps?

Fin, Fur, and Feather Bureau of Investigation
Join animal agents and take part in interactive spy stories. Plus, try your hand at a world trivia game, listen to radio dramas, and more.

GeoBee Challenge
Think you have what it takes to be a geography whiz? Test yourself with questions from the National Geographic Bee. Come back every day for five new questions and another chance to beat the Bee!

Choose a map, then answer questions to make your way across the world.

GeoSpy Game
How many countries can you pinpoint on a map? How about continents? You've got just a few seconds to find as many places as you can.

Global Groove
Global Groove is a Sesame Street jukebox with musical styles, rhythms, instruments and heritages from around the world.

Global Grover Grooves
Choose dance steps for Sesame Street's Grover and watch him shake his caboose to music from around the world.

Greetings from Grover
Travel with Grover to foreign countries and send a postcard home.
Help aliens reach their global destinations, race to name U.S. state capitals, try your hand at a geography crossword puzzle, and more.

Maps Games
Pick your level and see how much you know!

National Geographic Kids
Cartoons, interactive adventures, funny fill-ins, and much more

Ocean Games
Explore the deep in a sub, travel aboard an icebreaker, and head to sea as a fish in these rich games from BBC.

Snuffy's Safari
Travel with Snuffy to the jungle, the ocean, and the Arctic .

As the newly appointed chief of the Emergency Management Agency for Bluebear County , it's your job to handle an eruption of the fictional Mount Spur . Are you up to it?

Survey of Geographic Literacy: Test Your Global IQ
A recent survey of young Americans showed that many are missing the basics of geography. How do you measure up? Test your Global IQ by answering sample questions from the National Geographic-Roper poll.

Survival Zone
Can you survive in different habitats? You've got only your foxy wiles to help you.

What on Earth?
A game of Earth trivia from NASA.

From the European Union’s EuropaGO:

Explore Europe and the European Union through the EU’s site for kids, EuropaGO. Play these games and take quizzes to learn about the people, cultures, languages, the countryside and cities, flags, and music and much more of European countries and their history over time. EuropaGO has also introduced a new Euro Kids’ Corner for students to learn more about the euro. Games include:

Coins and countries
Which country does each euro-coin design come from? Think fast, react quickly.

Banknote puzzle
Put together the pieces of each euro banknote.

Dive and count
Can you add up? And are you a great diver?

Euro quiz
Test your knowledge of the euro. Can you make it to the €500 question?

Time Traveller
You've ended up in the Stone Age! Travel through the perilous ages and collect the right currencies to warp back to the present.

From the UN’s CyberSchoolBus:

Against All Odds
This interactive online game was created by UNHCR to increase students' awareness and knowledge about refugee situations by putting players in the position of a refugee.

Child Soldiers WebQuest
There are more than 250,000 children in armed conflict - some are as young as 7 years old! Go on the WebQuest, and help answer its big question: What should be done about child soldiers?

Flag Tag
Do you know lots of flags? Tag the right one! Test yourself.

Food Force
Play this popular video game on world hunger. Six different missions.

Health Game 
An interactive and entertaining way to learn about your health. A fun quiz for use with CyberSchoolBus’ Health Teaching Unit.

Quick Questions 
A set of geography questions and answers for classroom use. These are based on Country at a Glance, which can be used by students to find the correct answer.

Stop Disasters
Learn how to respond to different disasters in this new simulation video game from UN/ISDR.

Urban Fact Game
A creative, colorful, and highly interactive on-line quiz. What do you know about cities and population? Find out.

Water Quiz
Discover fascinating facts about everyone's favorite liquid.

Other Great Sites:

Africa Puzzle
Test your knowledge of African geography. Africa puzzle map with choice of difficulty level.

Holidays around the World Quiz, from World View
Volume 1:
Volume 2:

Panwapa from Sesame Street
Panwapa World features an interactive globe that children explore to meet and visit Panwapa Kids from around the world. Activities include: creating your own Panwapa Kid, Home, and Flags; collecting Panwapa Cards; searching for Panwapa Kids based on similarities and differences; and playing Treasure Hunt games.

Peace Corps Challenge
Become a “virtual” Peace Corps Volunteer working in the fictional village of Wanzuzu .

Quizzes, Crosswords, and other Games : Test Your Geography Genius
Be a geography genius! Check your knowledge with our most intriguing geography quizzes, and crosswords.

Do you have information to share?

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K-12 Global Education Symposium:
Bringing World Cultures to the Classrooms

October 22-23, 2008
UNC at
Chapel Hill

As the world’s national boundaries continue to dissolve, students today need to learn how to work and live with others from different cultures who are speaking multiple languages and practicing varying religions.  World View’s symposium offers educators from all subject areas and in all grade levels techniques for integrating global content across the curriculum, as well as other global education resources.  There will be general sessions, concurrent sessions on both content and classroom applications, and support for school-based teams in creating an Action Plan for globalizing schools.  CEU credits offered.

Community College Symposium:
Global Health and the Environment

November 12-13, 2008
UNC at
Chapel Hill

The 2008 Community College Symposium addresses a topic central to understanding globalization and vital for community college educators preparing students and faculty for the 21st century:Global Health and the Environment.  There will be general sessions, concurrent sessions, and support for college-based teams in creating an Action Plan for globalizing colleges. This program is designed for administrators and faculty in all disciplines.

Registration for 2008 Symposiums
Registration for each fall symposium is $150 per person. Reduced registration fees are available for schools and colleges registering 4 or more persons. A team of 4 is $500. Only $125 for each additional team member.

K-12 Online Globalization Courses
October 1-
November 11, 2008

Globalization: An Introduction for Principals and Other School Leaders

Globalization: An Introduction for K-12 Teachers

Both online courses immerse educators in an intensive exploration of rapid global changes. The courses discuss global issues in government, economics, cultures, technology, environment and health, culture, and technology impacting our schools and communities, our country, and the planet. By the end of the "Principals and other School Leaders" course, educators should be able to provide leadership in planning and implementing school and system programs to help faculty and students become more globally aware. The goal of the "Teachers" course is to help teachers become aware of the effects of globalization on our world, our country and especially our schools. By the end of the course, teachers should be able to significantly contribute to curriculum planning to help faculty and students become more globally aware.

Registration for 2008 Online Courses
Registration is $200 per person, per course for World View Partners, or $250 per person for non-World View Partners.

For more information and to register please visit:


Duke University Summer Institute on East Asia for Middle and High School Educators

June 20, 2008
Fuqua School of Business
Duke University

Teachers will gain content knowledge on a range of topics, receive curriculum materials and meet other educators from across the state. Topics to be covered include:

The Korean War and After
Teachers will gain a basic understanding of the issues surrounding the Korean War and issues facing a divided Korean Peninsula in the 21st century.

Jia: A Novel of North Korea
A veteran English teacher will lead teachers through this novel and 5 interdisciplinary lesson plans. The lesson plans cover the following topics: Political Climate during Jia's Story, the Costs of Immigration, Global Immigration, Songs of Freedom, and Political Propaganda. Jia is one of the first novels in English told from a North Korean perspective. All teachers will receive a copy of the book.

From Silk to Oil: Cross-Cultural Connections Along the Silk Roads
Teachers will gain content knowledge of the Silk Roads through 3 sessions based on the content of this comprehensive curriculum guide published by the China Institute. Sessions will cover: Geography, Ethnic Relations & Political History, Exchange of Goods & Ideas, Religions, and Art. Most of the content will focus on China. Teachers will receive a copy of the guide.

East Asian Music with Mallarme Chamber Players
During this session, teachers will learn about Chinese and Japanese music and make 2 East Asian instruments with which they will perform in a short concert.

Workshop participants receive:
1. Ready-to-use materials and lesson plans for classroom use
2. $100 stipend
3. 7.5 credit hours, with the opportunity to receive 1CEU*
4. Continental breakfast, lunch and snack
5. Duke parking permit for the day
*Participants may submit a lesson plan or project based on the workshop content to receive 1CEU.

There is a $25 NON-REFUNDABLE registration fee to attend this institute. For more information and a link to an online application visit:

Contact Cindy Carlson, Grants and Outreach Coordinator of the Asian/Pacific Studies Institute with any questions. (919-668-2280 or


Cultural Gaffes Beyond Your Borders
New cross-cultural online video from the Peace Corps

Going somewhere this summer? Maybe across some international borders? Or maybe expecting a visit from someone from another culture? Well, it’s a good idea to get to know ahead of time what the cultural idiosyncrasies are where you’re going. It’s also important, of course, to know the traits that visitors from other countries bring with them. This new, free eight-minute online video shows vignettes illustrating cultural gaffes in many different cultures, with advice on how to avoid them.

To view the video, click here.


Effective Foreign Language Learning
Carolina Center for Educational Excellence
UNC at Chapel Hill
August 2008

August 6 & 7, 2008, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (New Cohort)

You will learn to:

  • Orchestrate a classroom environment where all students learn to speak a new language successfully and joyfully
  • Incorporate findings from newest brain research
  • Enhance all students' memory and retention with the help of powerful learning tools
  • Address students' many different learning styles
  • Eliminate students' learning blocks so that they reach their potential
  • Incorporate classical music, art, storytelling, drama, and singing into your classroom as well as some simple cross-lateral exercises to enhance students' focus and attention.

CEUs:   1.0 license renewal credits
Cost:    $100 enrollment fee (lunch will be provided)

August 8, 2008, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm (Follow Up)

This day is a follow up to the fall/spring workshops as well as an addition to the previous two days. It will be beneficial to all teachers who already attended one or two trainings with Svetlana (in November 07, February 08 or August 08).
CEUs:   0.5 license renewal credits
Cost:    $50 enrollment fee (lunch will be provided)

To register for either program, please go to:

The Instructor:
Svetlana Yokum is a Senior Faculty member of the Institute for Accelerated Learning, Teaching and Research (IALTR) and a German Instructor at Durham Technical Community College. Ms. Yokum has conducted many workshops on Accelerated Learning, Multiple Intelligences, Learning Styles, the Use of Visuals and Music in the Classroom, Storytelling, and Games for Language Classrooms. Ms. Yokum has her BA in German and English from the University of Zurich, Switzerland and her MA from Rice University in Houston, TX.