Global Updates From World View
August 2009

Global Education on a Budget

Low budget, no budget?
Check out these TOP TEN tools for supporting a cost-effective global agenda on your campus!

1. Internet Exchanges

Internet exchanges are a great way to facilitate cross-cultural understanding without the expense of traveling abroad. Students can now enjoy collaborating on class projects, practice their language skills, or have an online forum to discuss challenging global issues.

World View Global WebFriends:

A School Like Mine, pen pal program:

Creative Connections:

Electronic Emissary: Classroom Exchange:

Global Classroom Connection:

Global SchoolNet's Internet Projects Registry:

ICONS Project:

iEARN: International Education and Resource Network:

2. Technology Tools (Free and Easy to Download!)

The following links introduce you to free communication tools. Many programs include a form of audio or audiovisual communication. The world is now smaller than you think. Take a chance, and see your students' learning come alive!

Global Education in NC

Students Hear from
the World

Silverdale Elementary Onslow County

Silverdale Elementary art teacher, Lee Ann Kitzmiller helped bring the world to her students last spring through an innovative art and journal project called What is it like where you live?. Elementary students, from kindergarten to fifth grade created journals that were sent around the world. In the decorated journals each class came up with a list of questions to ask people from other countries about their lives. Last December the journals were sent to 16 countries including Austria, Finland, Republic of Georgia, Iraq, and others. Many of the journals were even forwarded on to additional contacts in other countries, criss-crossing the Atlantic Ocean more than two times!

While the students anxiously waited for their journals to return they studied the countries where the journals were sent and did global art projects with Ms. Kitzmiller. The students at Silverdale were very excited when their journals started returning to Onslow County this past spring with information, art, photographs and more from around the world! World View is proud to be a partner in global learning with Silverdale Elementary and Onslow County Schools! To learn more about this incredible project and to see photographs, please follow the links below.

After sharing and comparing journals in art class, a Silverdale Elementary 5th grader shared them with visitors at the All-County Art Show last March.


VoiceThread: VoiceThread is a collaborative, multimedia slide show that allows people to leave comments in 4 ways - using voice, text, audio file, or video.

Elluminate: Elluminate is a provider of live Web conferencing and eLearning solutions.

WiziQ: Teachers and students anywhere in the world can connect and meet live in the virtual classroom for an online interactive class.

Skype: Skype is a software application downloaded onto your computer that lets you talk over the Internet to other people using Skype, anywhere in the world for free.

PBWiki:PB Wiki allows you to collaborate with others by creating and editing content on a

Virtual Museums and Field Trips: Consider taking a virtual field trip and visiting museums without the expense of leaving the classroom. World View’s 2007 November Issue of Global Updates provides a sampling of virtual learning communities.

3. Community Partners

As you think “glocal”, don’t forget to use resources already available in your local community.

- Consider parents as partners

- Talk to international businesses

- Visit your Chamber of Commerce

- Connect with your local community college or university for speaker resources

- Talk to ethnic supermarket and restaurant owners about possible program sponsorship or field trips

4. University-Based Centers with K-12 Outreach

Below is just a sampling of university-based centers and programs in North Carolina that provide FREE (or low cost) outreach services, programs, and resources to K-12 educators.

African Studies Center:

Asian/Pacific Studies Institute (APSI):

Center for European Studies:

Center for Diversity Education:

Center for International Understanding:

Center for Global Initiatives:

Center for Slavic, Eurasian, & East European Studies:

Center for South Asia Studies:

Consortium for Latin American and Caribbean Studies:

5. Grants and Awards for Teachers

World View’s 2008 November Issue of Global Updates provides an extensive list of national and local grant opportunities for educators. Many of these grants accept proposals annually, so follow the links for ideas and find up-to-date information for the 2009-2010 school year. You’ll never win if you don’t apply!

6. Service Learning

World View’s 2008 December Issue of Global Updates provides an extensive list of service learning opportunities for teachers and students.

7. Global Literacy

Increase your students' and your own exposure to all things global! Here are a few easy suggestions:

- Facilitate Socratic seminars.

- Create or join a foreign book club.

- Sign up to have NY Times headlines delivered free daily to your email inbox.

- Check out foreign films from your local city or college library.

- Join global ed listservs.

- Participate in global festivals in your community.

8. Collaborate, Collaborate, Collaborate

You're not alone! Work together with your colleagues as a team to improve the global learning environment of your whole school. Try these simple suggestions to get started.

- Establish a Global Education Committee consisting of administrators, faculty, students, and parents.

- Collaborate across the curriculum (laterally and vertically). Students enjoy making the connection!

- Don’t forget to collaborate with schools abroad.

9. Create a School-Wide Global Education Action Plan

Endeavors often work better when you have a plan. World View has a simple Action Plan template to help you get started. Make sure you:

- Include a statement of objectives or goals.

- For each objective, list the implementation strategies (what, by whom, when, resources).

- For each objective, evaluate the evidence of progress and how/when evidence is gathered.

- For sample Action Plans, visit the World View Action Plan site

10. Get Creative

Adding a global component to your teaching is not an "add-on", but a necessity. Have fun, make learning come alive, and let your students explore the world. Here are a few more simple ideas that will help bring the world to your students.

- Find older or no longer used clocks and display different time zones around campus.

- Start off the class period with a famous quote from a local or international scholar.

- Start a multicultural club for students on campus.

- Create an International Parents Committee.

- Collect artifacts or ask someone you know who travels out of the U.S. to bring back menus, maps, city guides, children’s games, musical instruments, storybooks, and foreign currency.

Do you have information to share?

Do you have information that you would like to share with other educators across the state? You are welcome to submit interesting global education programs that are going on in your schools, announcements about global education seminars, new resources that others might find interesting, etc. Please email Julie at with your "update-worthy" items!

Reader Mailbag

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"21st Century Skills for the
Global Economy

Global Education Symposium

October 14-15, 2009
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Co-sponsored by:
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UNC School of Education, Maren Foundation, the Center for International Understanding, and CIBER

Today’s employers need graduates equipped with the skills necessary to compete in an increasingly global, knowledge-based economy. World View’s symposium offers educators from all subject areas and in all grade levels techniques for integrating 21st Century skills across the curriculum. There will be general sessions, concurrent sessions on both content and classroom applications, and support for school-based teams in creating an Action Plan for globalizing schools. CEU credits will be offered.

Cost (North Carolina Educators): Registration is $150 per person.  A team of 4 is $500 (save $100).  A team is comprised of 4 or more individuals from a school, college, or district.  Only $125 for each additional team member per seminar.

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OR please call 919/962-9264.


"Picasso and the
Allure of Language"
and "Africa and Picasso"

School Tours and
Free Teacher Workshop

Duke University's Nasher Museum of Art offers a Teachers' Workshop September 10th and 12th. The workshops will focus on the exhibits "Picasso and the Allure of Language" and "Africa and Picasso". Participants view a presentation, access interdisciplinary curriculum-based materials, network with peers, and explore field trip opportunities. The deadline for applications is September 4th.

School groups can receive a free guided tour of the exhibit "Picasso and the Allure of Language" from September 8 through December 18, 2009. The tour will connect the works to Spanish culture, language arts, and visual arts and can also include connections to African art.

For workshop details, registration, and field trip opportunities see:



The International Book Sharing Project
A Program of the American Friends of the Ghetto Fighters Museum

Middle and High School Students can experience international cooperative learning through the International Book Sharing Project. Students read a book about the Holocaust and then discuss themes with students in another country via online forums. The projects "Confronting Evil in Our Time" and "Children of the World Learn about Children" help students explore their attitudes and consider ways these lessons affect their own lives. The project is coordinated through the Janusz Korczak International School.

For more information see:


Target Field Trip Grants and
Idea Generator

Grants: Target has awarded over 6 million dollars in grants to inspired educators who want to take their students on learning adventures outside of the classroom. Target is accepting grant applications for up to $800 for the coming school year, with a November 3rd deadline for submission.

Field Trip Resource : Looking for an educational and exciting destination for your class field trip? Target is compiling the destinations of their grant recepients. You can search the "Field Trip Idea Generator" by state, city, or subject.

For more information see:


Free Online Materials from the Choices Program

The Choices Program's mission is to empower young people through thoughtful public discourse and informed decision making. Their most recent curriculum resource is "Iran Through the Looking Glass: History, Reform, and Revolution." Teachers can purchase a reproducable text and teacher's guide.

The Choices webpage also includes many free tools and resources. Educators can access graphic organizers, maps, government charts as well as online video of scholars answering specific questions about Iran. One online lesson enables students to write a newspaper article reporting on the revolution. Through the website, students can see their writing projected into a template of an Iranian Newspaper-- complete with photos and their own name listed as the author!

To see these and other resources:


Discovery Channel Produces Global Education Resource:
Africa Today

A new video series produced by the Discovery Channel follows an exchange between teachers and students from Uganda and the U.S. Through topical discussions, students discover contemporary Africa and America. Episode topics include education, environment, arts and culture, AIDS, media, and science and technology.

For more information: