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Dave's ESL Cafe

Dave Sperling, author of The Internet Guide for English Language Teachers created this interactive website for teachers and students in 1995.  Today, his award-winning website houses ESL modules, teacher and student forums and a job center.  Highly recommended.


This website, created by ESL teacher, Peter Snashall, has hundreds of excellent lesson plans and ideas for teaching English as a Second Language. Materials are organized into three levels and twenty categories, among them Icebreakers, Grammar, Vocabulary, Debate, Reading, Pronunciation, Communication Techniques, and Academic Writing. Many of the activities may also be useful for teachers of native-English speakers as well.

ESL Party Land
This website provides resources for both the teacher and student. Teachers can find content-based classroom activities on a wide range of subjects, including teaching grammar, teaching with the Internet, and using music, film and video.

TESL Journal
The internet TESL Journal is a monthly web magazine for teachers of English as a Second Language.  It includes lesson plans, classroom handouts, links of interest to ESL teachers and students, articles, and research papers. 

Writing and ESL by the Public Schools of North Carolina
North Carolina has experienced a great deal of growth in the number of students whose first language is not English and who need language assistance in order to access and benefit from the total curriculum.  This new online brochure, "Writing and English as a Second Language," tackles some of these issues.   

The Linguistic Funland

Since 1994 the Linguistic Funland has offered extensive resources for teachers on English including links to job information, books, software, student activities, teaching materials, and more. 

Curricular Resources in English as a Second Language
This website provides links to curricular resources in ESL.

Bilingual Motivational Booklets for the Classroom and Home
by Dr. Steve Moreno
This website has over 40 inexpensive, bilingual (English/Spanish) parent and student motivational/informational booklets, language tests, and other encouraging educational materials. The inexpensive booklets discuss topics relevant to children from infancy through high school and are recommended for all educational organizations and parent-teacher associations.

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Immigration Resources

North Carolina County Demographics from the 2000 Census
This site features demographics on Hispanics in North Carolina by county, including the number and percentage of Hispanics, percentage changes since the 1990 census, the number and percentage of Hispanic students enrolled, and the number of LEP students. (Site takes a few seconds to load)

Center for Immigration Studies
This site offers links to current news articles as well as scholarly essays on a wide range of topics regarding immigration.  

Bibliography on Immigration Issues
This online bibliography spans a variety of immigration issues. All publications cited are post-1980.

US History Lessons
This site contains a number of links for teaching immigration through US history, including many lesson plans prepared by teachers.  Some units are available for purchase only.  

The New Americans: Teacher Guide

This site offers a wealth of lesson plans for 7-12 grade classes in which students work as teams to learn about the immigrant experience in America during the late 19th and early 20th century.

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