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These pictures show a method of attaching fenders to a road bike that lacks clearance for the normal method of attaching them. The fender stays can be attached to the fork and seat stays with cushioned clamps. I found these pictures on the internet but do not know where they came from and so I am unable to give credit for them.

Rear fender.jpg (163950 bytes)

Rear fender brackets.jpg (108586 bytes)

Front fender fwd.jpg (156232 bytes)

The rear fender is cut and fits against the bridge and the rear brake. The brackets reach over the brake and the bridge to connect at the brake/bridge junction. Likewise, the front fender is cut to fit against the front of the brake and the rear of the fork. The bracket for the front of the fender reaches over the brake and back to the fork.

Front fender aft.jpg (184568 bytes)

Front fender brackets.jpg (151992 bytes)

Mud guard.jpg (130740 bytes)

The bracket for the back part of the front fender had to get tricky because of the recessed front brake bolt. Hence, the bracket reaches under the fork and then turns up behind the front brake. And finally a cut water bottle flap to reduce road spray even more - with the basic message.