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Sally ready to check in the riders at the start Riders unloading their bikes Riders at the start of the 600 km Fork Creek Mill near Seagrove

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Tom getting his card stamped in Seagrove Flying Saucer in a field near Coleridge on the 300 km brevet A shoe tree near Wilmington on the 600 km brevet You mean I have to get up and do another 300 km!
bikes taking a rest.JPG (67853 bytes) Ready to return at night.JPG (42489 bytes) Rich & Will finished.JPG (49650 bytes) FINISHED.JPG (32729 bytes)
Some bikes taking a much needed rest on the 600 km Six riders getting ready to return on the 600 km Rich and Will checking in at the finish Kevin enjoying a tomato sandwich after 600 km
My New Seven Bike.JPG (63246 bytes) 200 km start.JPG (42238 bytes) 200 km check in.JPG (49361 bytes) fearless leader.JPG (55586 bytes)
My new custom randonneuring bike from Seven Cycles awaiting  its first ride Riders unloading their bikes at the start of the 200 km Riders registering for the 200 km brevet Your fearless leader ready to attempt his first brevet since the accident
rest in snow camp.JPG (67634 bytes) lunch in Seagrove.JPG (56017 bytes) 1000 km finish 1.JPG (62044 bytes) 1000 km finish 2.JPG (38964 bytes)

Gary Williams and Lisa Rosen enjoying a rest stop in Snow Camp

Adrian Hands and Gilbert Anderson enjoying lunch at the Seagrove control Jeff Bauer and Scott Ohlwiler celebrating their finishing the 1000 km with pizza from Tom Cayton Scott Ohlwiler helps Jim Koegel and Tom Walker celebrate their finish of the 1000 km