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These regulations will be adhered to strictly.
Explicit rules are contained in the Randonneurs USA Rules for Riders.
Read them carefully.

1.   Each participant is considered to be on a private excursion and remains responsible for any accidents in which he or she may be involved.
2.  Randonneurs must obey city, county, and North Carolina state laws and rules of the road, and conduct themselves in a manner that will not bring discredit to the NCBC, Inc. or  Randonneurs USA
3.  Although the NCBC, Inc. will endeavor to ensure that all route instructions are correct, no responsibility can be accepted for participants becoming lost or stranded by fatigue.
4.  Time. The time allotted for each Brevet is absolute and the clock begins with the official start. Each randonneur is responsible for following and completing the route. If a rider leaves the route accidentally he must retrace his path exactly to the exit point. If a rider plans to leave the route for food or rest for more than 1 hour he must notify the nearest control point at or previous to the point of exit.
5.  Assistance. Personal support vehicles for cyclists are not permitted on the route under any circumstances and is grounds for disqualification. Each randonneur must provide for his or her own needs but may receive personal and mechanical assistance at the control point.
6.  Control Card. The randonneur to whom this card is assigned must present it at each control point for the official stamp, signature, and control time. Loss of the card or any irregularities is cause for disqualification.
7.  Cycle. Any cycle is permitted providing it is propelled by muscle power alone and is the same machine used throughout the Brevet.
8. Lights. Each cycle must have in a fixed location, securely mounted, steady burning lamps powered by batteries or generator and consisting of a front clear lens and a rear red lens, each at least 4 cm across for all Brevets except the 200K. Two spare bulbs (and one spare set of batteries for non-generator systems) per lamp are required. A visible rear red reflector and pedal reflectors are required. Tape may be used. All riders must wear reflective vests.   

Supplementary lights and reflectors are advised. Riders without adequate lights will not be allowed to start. Riding without lights is ground for disqualification.
9.  Weather. All Brevets will take place regardless of the weather and cyclists are responsible for carrying adequate clothing to accommodate changing weather conditions.
10.  Cycle Inspection. All randonneurs must submit their cycles for inspections to officials before, during and after a Brevet. Refusal is grounds for disqualification.
Any complaint or question concerning a brevet or its organization must be submitted to the organizer in writing, within 48 hours from the finish of the brevet. The organizer will review the complaint and forward it, with a recommendation, to Randonneurs USA for a final decision.
12. Randonneurs USA will be the final arbiter of any Questions that arise which may not be covered explicitly in these rules.

For membership information on Randonneurs USA contact:

Randonneurs USA
Membership Office
c/o Don Hamilton
3078 Wakeshire Dr.
Dublin, Ohio 43017

or check their web site at