Taylor Lab:

Synaptic Microsystems


November 2017

UPCOMING TALK! Anne will be giving a Keynote Presentation at The 2nd Annual Neurofluidics Conference in Grenoble, France to be held November 23-24, 2017. Please register at: http://neurofluidics.org/ We hope to see you there!


October 2017

UPCOMING TALK! Anne gave a Keynote Presentation at The 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2017) in Savannah, Georgia on October 25th. The title of her talk is “ENGINEERED MICROSYSTEMS FOR INVESTIGATING NEURONAL NETWORK RESPONSE TO AXON DAMAGE”.


September 2017

ADDITIONAL FUNDING RECEIVED! $84,926 is awarded to Xona Microfluidics, LLC & UNC to prepare and submit protocol manuscripts for their new platform technology.

PAPER PUBLISHED! Tharkika’s paper is published in Nature Communications! Check out this article highlighting our research in Medical Press:   https://medicalxpress.com/news/2017-09-brain-wiring.html

VISIT TO THE DEPT. OF BIOLOGY AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA! Professor Chris Deppmann hosted Anne in their department’s first biology seminar of the year.


June 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! Becky Bigler successfully defends her dissertation!

NEW FUNDING! Anne and Tharkika received an American Heart Association Grant-in-aid award for the project entitled, “Molecular mechanisms triggering synaptic remodeling following stroke”. The total cost of the award is $154,000 through June 2019.


May 2017

CONGRATULATIONS! Kent Gordon successfully defends his dissertation and receives his PhD!


April 2017

PAPER PUBLISHED! Becky Bigler’s paper entitled, “Messenger RNAs localized to distal projections of human stem cell derived neurons“ was published in Scientific Reports.


March 2017

UPDATE! Anne chaired a symposium session at Pittcon 2017 entitled, “Scalable Neuron-Based Cell Culture Assays for Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing”


August 2016

NEW FUNDING! Both Kent Gordon (BME) and Becky Bigler (GMB) received UNC Dissertation Completion Fellowships. Congratulations!!


April 2016

NEW FUNDING! We received an R01-sized Phase II R42 award from the NIMH (PI: Taylor). The total cost award for the R41/R42 is $2.59 million (over $1 million to UNC lab).


July 2015

PAPER PUBLISHED! Kent Gordon’s paper entitled, “Magnetic alignment of microelements containing culture neuronal networks for high-throughput screening” was published in the Journal of Biomolecular Screening.


June 2015

PAPER PUBLISHED! Joyce Kamande’s paper entitled, “Cloning SU8 silicon masters using epoxy resins to increase feature replicability and production for cell culture devices” was published in Biomicrofluidics. 


May 2015

PAPER PUBLISHED! Our paper entitled, “Passive microfluidic chamber for long-term imaging of axon guidance in response to soluble gradients” was published in Lab-on-a-Chip. This paper was the result of a successful collaboration with Stephanie Gupton’s lab (UNC).


April 2015

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTED! Our paper was highlighted in the SFARI newletter dated April 8, 2015. Here is a link to the article: Tiny square rafts help neurons thrive in lab


February 2015

PAPER PUBLISHED! Mark Niedringhaus’s paper entitled, “Transferable neuronal mini-cultures to accelerate screening in primary and induced pluripotent stem cell-derived neurons” was published in Scientific Reports (Nature).


NEW FUNDING! Anne received a new R41 award from the NIMH for the project entitled, “A user-friendly scalable microfluidic platform for enhanced neuron-cell culture”


February 2013

NEW AWARD! Anne was awarded a 2013 Sloan Research Fellowship.

PAPER PUBLISHED! The Journal of Neuroscience accepted our manuscript entitled, “Local translation of beta-catenin regulates synaptic vesicle dynamics”.


January 2013

NEW AWARD! Anne received a Junior Faculty award from UNC.

NEW FUNDING! The Taylor lab will be working with Mead Johnson Nutrition to study the effects of nutrients on synapse development.


December 2012

NEW FUNDING! Anne will receive a K12 award (NICHD) for career development (through Northwestern) to focus on neuro-rehabilitation

NEW FUNDING! The Simons Foundation will be funding our explorer proposal entitled, “Identification of mislocalized presynaptic mRNAs in Fragile X”