Stephen Appold Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Introduction to Sociology  (SC1101)  [not current]
Methods of Social Research  (SC2101)  [not current]
Sociology of Work (SC2202) [not current]
[previously Industrial Sociology]
  • Work, Organizations, and Society (cyber-text)
  • Rice Bowl (student projects)
  • Who's the boss? (student projects)
  • Hawkers!  (student projects)
  • New Rice (student projects)

  • Population and Society   (SC2208)  [Sem I]
    Sociology of Organizations (SC4203) [Sem II]
  • Organization Analysis  I , II,  III,IV, & V (student summaries & critiques)
  • The Dual Boss Syndrome (student project)

  • Social Policy and Planning  (SC4204)  [not current]
    Foundation for Social Research Practice  (SC5104)  [not current]
    Advanced Social Research Practice  (SC6104)  not current]
    Teaching Activities (pdf)
    Research Interests (pdf)
       Research Interests(abbreviated) (pdf)
    Selected research work
    Selected research work (by substantive area)

    SARS effort (Spring 2003)

    Teaching support
    Getting oriented in sociology
    Questions facing Singapore
    Learn English -- It's an Asset
    Thesis (AE) Information
    Metalworking in the United States and the Netherlands   (photos)

    Family Photos  (You see us around campus and Kent Vale anyway)

    Department of Sociology
    National University of Singapore
    10 Kent Ridge Crescent 
    Singapore 119260
    [65] 6874-6393 
    [65] 6777-9579 Fax 

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