Stephen Appold
All linked pages were created when I lectured in the Department of Sociology at the National University of Singapore.  [site is under construction]
Modules taught Student project work
Introduction to Sociology  (SC1101)   
Methods of Social Research  (SC2101)   
Sociology of Work (SC2202)

Work, Organizations, and Society (cyber-text)

Rice Bowl (student projects)
Who's the boss? (student projects)
Hawkers!  (student projects)
New Rice (student projects)
Population and Society   (SC2208)  
Sociology of Organizations (SC4203)  Organization Analysis  I , II,  III, IV, & V (student summaries & critiques)
The Dual Boss Syndrome (student project)
Social Policy and Planning  (SC4204)  
Foundation for Social Research Practice  (SC5104)   
Advanced Social Research Practice  (SC6104)  
Teaching Support

Getting oriented in sociology
Questions facing Singapore
Learn English -- It's an Asset
Thesis (AE) Information

Students Supervised

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