Stephen Appold: Selected Publications and Other Work

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Research Interests

My research on what could be called, "new industrial places" is built on systematic data on high technology firms in the U.S., on multinational firms in Thailand, on various types of enterprises in Vietnam, and on Singaporean firms and social organization.  The research specifies some of the factors affecting the character of such new industrial places whether they are here in Southeast Asia or on the other side of the globe.

Selected Recent Grants Awarded


  • "The Weakening Position of University Graduates in Singapore's Labor Market: Causes and Consequences."  Population and Development Review 31: 85-112 (2005).  [abstract; text]  (draft version)
  • "The Location Patterns of U.S. Industrial Research: Mimetic Isomorphism, and the Emergence of Geographic Charisma."  Regional Studies 31: 17-39 (2005).  [abstract; text]
  • "How much longer would men work if there were no employment dislocation? Estimates from cause-elimination work life tables."  Social Science Research 33: 660-680 (2004).  [abstract; text]
  • "Research Parks and the Location of Industrial Research Laboratories: an Analysis of the Effectiveness of a Policy Intervention."  Research Policy, 33: 225-243 (2004).   [abstract; text]
  • "Patron-client Relationships in a Restructuring Economy: an Exploration of Inter-organizational Linkages in Vietnam."  (_____ and Dinh the Phong).  Economic Development and Cultural Change, 50: 47-76 (2001).  [abstract; text University of Chicago Press website]
  • "Is Meritocracy Outmoded in a Knowledge-Based Economy?"  Singapore Economic Review, 46: 17-48 (2001).    [abstract; text]
  • Reply to comment: "Differentiating Merit from Capability." Singapore Economic Review, 46: 279-281.  [abstract; text]
  • "The Control of High-skill Labor and Entrepreneurship in the Early U.S. Semiconductor Industry."  Environment and Planning A 32: 2133-2160 (2000). [abstract; text]
  • "Work Attitudes in Vietnam: Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction in a Restructuring Economy."  (Le Ngoc Hung, _____, and Arne L. Kalleberg). Journal of Asian Business 15(3): 41-68 (1999).  [abstract; text]
  • "The Employment of Women Managers and Professionals in an Emerging Economy: Gender Inequality as an Organizational Practice."  (_____, Sununta Siengthai, and John D. Kasarda).  Administrative Science Quarterly  43: 538-565 (1998).  [abstract; text JSTOR]
  • "Labor Market Imperfections and the Agglomeration of Firms: Evidence from the U.S. Semiconductor Industry's Emergent Period."  Environment and Planning A  30:439-462 (1998).  [abstract; text]
  • "Central-City and Suburban Migration Patterns: Is a Turnaround on the Horizon?"  (John D. Kasarda, ______, Stuart Sweeney and Elaine Sieff). Housing Policy Debate 8:307-358 (1997).  [abstract; text Fannie Mae Foundation website]
  • "Small Private Manufacturers in Hanoi: A Pilot Study of Entrepreneurship in a Restructuring Economy"  (_____, Nguyen Quy Thanh, John D. Kasarda, and Le Ngoc Hung).  Journal of Asian Business  12 (4):1-31 (1996).  [abstract; text]
  • "Agglomeration, Inter-Organizational Networks, and Competitive Performance in the U.S. Metalworking Sector."  Economic Geography 71:27-54 (1995).  [abstract; text JSTOR]
  • "The Changing Pattern of Entrepreneurship in a Rapidly Developing Nation."  (_____ and John D. Kasarda)  Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research 13:245-257 (1993).  [abstract; text]
  • "National Industrial Structure and the Global System."  (Kenneth A. Bollen and _____)  American Sociological Review 58:283-301 (1993).  [abstract; text JSTOR]
  • "The Location Processes of Industrial Research Laboratories." The Annals of Regional Science 25:131-144 (1991).  [abstract; text]
  • "Paradigms of Agglomeration Under Advanced Technologies.  (Agglomerationen unter den Bedingungen fortgeschrittener Technologien)"  (_____ and John D. Kasarda)  Koelner Zeitschrift fuer Soziologie und Social Psychologie Sonderheft 29: 132-149 (1988).  [abstract; text]
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    Work, Organization, and Society, cyber-text connected to the Sociology of Work (1999-present)
    Rice Bowl I (2000) and II (2002), edited anthology of student work
    Who's the Boss? (2001), edited anthology of student work
    Hawkers (2002), edited anthology of student work
    Organizational Analysis I (1999), II (2000), III (2001), and IV (2004) edited collection of student work
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