Hip Hop is Not Dead






Hate it or love it, hip-hop music is a major influence and power in contemporary society. Youth buy artists' CDs, memorize the songs' lyrics, and dress in the baggy, loose manner of hip-hop fashion. Such behavior befuddles parents, but the genre's popularity continues to climb.

But how did this phenomenon begin? Who are the major players? What are the rappers saying and can their words really be accepted as poetry?

This pathfinder is intended to initiate the average person into the world of hip-hop. Inside, one will find information about the resources necessary to understand and enjoy the genre, plus copious links to electronic sources (such as artist homepages, MP3s, and live concert footage). While browsing, please keep in mind that each photograph doubles as a link to one of these additional resources.


Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings for Browsing*:

Hip Hop

Hip Hop -- Encyclopedias

Hip Hop -- Influences

Hip Hop -- Social Aspects

Hip Hop -- Social Aspects -- United States

Hip Hop -- Southern States

Hip Hop -- United States

Hip Hop -- United States -- Terminology

Rap (Music) -- History and criticism

Rap musicians -- United States -- Biography

*The majority of these texts may be found in the Music Library in Wilson Library on the UNC Chapel Hill campus




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