Air It Out


Roots drummer ?uestlove

The mainstreaming of hip-hop has driven many true fans away from popular media. What has become this group of devotees' communication tool of choice? The Message Board.

Registering for a free account is standard at all of these boards for the sake of identification. Once signed up, users are privy to insider information from reliable hip-hop fans and sometimes the artists themselves. Suggested boards are:


The official website of The Roots (and the window to related "friends" artists) is an excellent source for serious hip-hop fans and musicians to congregate and share. Often, members of the Roots (especially drummer ?uestlove) will chime in with insider information about shows, artists, and life in general. Just don't become, in the words of Talib Kweli, an "OkayPlayer hater" i.e. someone who becomes bullheaded about a particular subject.

A message board that focuses on hip-hop in North Carolina, primarily the Triangle region. Artists of the Durham-based Justus League (including Little Brother and L.E.G.A.C.Y.) receive priority attention, but other big name and underground artists and upcoming shows are discussed on the boards. A must for staying hip to the local scene.

With OkayPlayer's increasing popularity, many users turn to ThaFam for intellectual debate and news. The same rules apply, but most users found these boards because they wanted to escape the mainstream even more. Act accordingly: do not show respect for Lil Jon.