Quiz # 1– April 11th 2003






1: Where Born/Where died (the city)




2: Pot Pourri

 1.What is a baby grasshopper called?

2.What is the symbol Fe from the periodic Table of Elements denote?

3.What are the three main ingredients of a ‘black Russian?

4.Who wrote Slaughterhouse Five?.

5.Name one of the two real life protagonists whose meeting provided the basis for Michael Frayn’s play…’Copenhagen.’

6.Who was the actor Archibald Leach better known as? 

7.A griffin is half what and what?

8.Where were the 1972 summer Olympics held?

9.Name the first five books of the bible?

10.With which country do we associate the guerilla movement May 17th?


 3. Local knowledge


1.What was the original state Capital of North Carolina?

2.What is he name of the village renoun for its pottery in the Piedmont?

3.What local music venue did Frank Heath establish?

4.Which leading light of the Red Clay Ramblers recently passed away?

5.What was the name of the Tobacco Company owned by the Duke family?

6.Who lived at 816 Morgan Creek Road?

7.What is the State flower of NC?

8.There are five lighthouses in the outer banks – name any two?

9.The fastest woman in the world lives (over 100 meters) lives in Chapel Hill, NC?

10.How many members in the NC State Legislature


4. Movies


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 5. Artists

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6. Flags and Outlines

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7. Photo Ids

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8. Music IDs

  1. Lyle Lovett – If I had a Boat
  2. Miles Davis – So What
  3. Doobie Brothers – What a fool believes
  4. Andrea Bocelli – Con te Partiro
  5. Crowded House – Weather with You
  6. Bach – Glen Gould – Suite #1
  7. Kiss me Kate – Why Can’t you behave
  8. Jerry Garcia & David Grisman – Friend of the Devil
  9. Wilco – War on War
  10. David Gray - Everytime