Quiz Night – Jan 9th 2004


Round 1: Potpourri


1. Which punctuation mark did Woodrow Wilson call “the most un-American thing in the world?” 


2. Casey Kasem, of “American Top 40” fame, was also the voice of which cartoon character?


3. Which Ivy League university (?) received its founding grant for the purpose of “the education and instruction of the Youth of the Indian Tribes in the Land in reading, writing, and all parts of Learning which shall appear necessary and expedient?”


4. How many U.S. presidents were born in Ohio?


5. According to Publisher’s Weekly, what was the best-selling (paperback) children’s book of the 20th century?


6. Which 4 Confederate states surrendered at Bennett Place, in Durham, NC on April 26, 1865?


7. In chemistry, what is Avogadro’s number?


8. Which Christmas carol contains the line “from angels bending near the earth” in its first verse?


9. Whose trial was portrayed in the play (and later film) Inherit the Wind?


10. Whose works of art include Reclining Figure, Falling Warrior and Mother and Child?



Round 2: Food and Drink


1. How many tablespoons are in a cup?


2. What are the two main grapes grown in the Burgundy region of France


3. From which vegetable is tapioca made?


4. Which beverage was first marketed by Roy Allen and Frank Wright?


5. How many ounces are in a shot of alcohol?


6. What cheese is named after the town in Wisconsin where it originated?


7. Which alcohol is flavored with juniper berries?


8. What is the restaurant or butcher’s name for a castrated male chicken or rooster?


9. When it was introduced in 1932, this candy bar included three small, separate pieces in each package – one chocolate, one vanilla, and one strawberry. Wartime shortages led to the elimination of the vanilla and strawberry pieces. Name the candy bar


10. What liqueur, called the “green muse,” was banned in most countries in the early twentieth century, because it seemed to cause hallucinations, brain lesions, and other mental problems?


Round 3: Earth from the Air



Round 4: Celebrity Photos



Round 5: Music – blood relatives

1 point for the correct pairing – 1 pt for both names correct


  1. Crystal Gayle
  2. Carly Simon
  3. Ravi Shanka
  4. Wallflowers
  5. Mamas & the Papas
  6. Bob Dylan
  7. Wilson Philips
  8. Norah Jones
  9. Ben Taylor        
  10. Loretta Lynn


1 & 10

2 & 9

3 & 8

4 & 6

5 & 7 (Michelle and John Phillips and Chynna Phillips)



Round 6: Spelling


  1. eczema

an inflammatory condition of the skin characterized by redness, itching, and oozing vesicular lesions which become scaly, crusted, or hardened


2. lyceum

a hall for public lectures or discussions


3. pococurante

caring little


4. logorrhea

excessive and often incoherent talkativeness or wordiness


5. sarcophagus

a stone coffin


6. prospicience

having foresight


7. staphylococcus

any of various nonmotile gram-positive spherical bacteria (especially genus Staphylococcus) that occur singly, in pairs or tetrads, or in irregular clusters and include pathogens which infect skin and mucous membranes


8. semaphore

a system of visual signaling by two flags held one in each hand


9. kamikaze

a member of a Japanese air attack corps in World War II assigned to make a suicidal crash on a target


10. Chihuahua

any of a breed of very small roundheaded dogs that occur in short-coated and long-coated varieties



Round 7: Sports


  1. Who does Eli Manning play for?.
  2. Which Indian tribe invented and plays in the Lacrosse world championships?
  3. What is the highest break/score you can make in snooker?
  4. Who was the first Marathon runner –
  5. 5 events of modern pentathlon? –
  6. Who won the Rugby World Cup at the end of last year? –
  7. What Olympic sport consists of sweepers and rocks and saw Britain edge out Switzerland for the 2002 Olympic gold?
  8. Which father and son won rookie of the year in different professional sports leagues?
  9. In what year did Dorothy Hamill win the Olympic gold medal in figure skating?
  10.  Which word record distance is longer- The hammer or the Discus?


Round 8: International Monopoly Streets – the most expensive property

(Which countries edition?)


  1. Boardwalk
  2. Mayfair
  3. Kings Avenue
  4. The Peak
  5. Paradeplatz
  6. Eloffstraat
  7. Queen Astrid Park
  8. Norrmalmstorg
  9. Shrewsbury Road
  10. Rheinstrasse