ASIA 84: Women Writers in Japan

Which author would you like to find out about?  Whose work would you like to read?
These are questions to answer as you decide on the topic of your research paper. 
Below is a list of Japanese women writers whose works have been translated into English. 
This list is partial, something to get you thinking, and gives you an idea of possible categories. 
Talk with Prof. Bardsley about your interests and to learn more about these writers.  If you pick one of the authors already covered in class, you need to read something else by them or more criticism about them.

For more information, check the reference book, Japanese Women Writers edited Chieko Mulhern;
Davis Library reference: PL725 .J37 1994 
Also, on reserve for ASIA 84 in the Undergraduate Library: Fairbanks, Carol. Japanese Women Fiction Writers.

You can also try putting any of these names in the Davis Library catalogue-- keyword search or subject search.

Court Ladies and their famous works
Murasaki Shikibu  Tale of Genji
Sei Shônagon Pillow Book of Sei Shônagon
Izumi Shikibu Izumi Shikibu Diary
Lady Kagerô  The  Kagerô  Diary
Lady Nijô  Confessions of Lady Nijô

Contemporary mystery writers
Kirino Natsu
Natsuki Shizuko
Sujata Massey (not Japanese but sets her mystery stories in Japan)
Togawa Masako

Yosano Akiko (see work on Akiko by Janine Beichman and Laurel Rodd)
Tawara Machi

Early to mid-20th century
Higuchi Ichiyô (see book by Robert Danley)
Uno Chiyo's early works, Confessions of Love, for example (see Rebecca Copeland, Phyllis Birnbaum)
Hayashi Fumiko (see books on this author by Janice Brown and Joan Ericson)
Women Writers in this time period--see Lost Leaves by Rebecca Copeland

Postwar writers
Enchi Fumiko
Ariyoshi Sawako
Tomioka Taeko
Setouchi Harumi
Tsûshima Yûko

Women who wrote in English for Americans
Ishigaki Ayako  Restless Wave
Ishimoto Shidzue  Facing Two Ways
Mishima Sumie  The Broader Way
Sugimoto Etsu  Daughter of a Samurai
The letters of Tsuda Umeko
The letters of Yamakawa Sutematsu

Politically active writers
Fukuda Hideko
Kaneko Fumiko
Yamakawa Kikue
Miyamoto Yuriko
Sata Ineko

Contemporary young writers
Ikari Kaori
Yamada Amy
Yoshimoto Banana
Yu Miri 

Writers of the fantastic
Kanai Mieko
Kono Taeko
Kurahashi Yumiko
Ôba Mineko