knitting: i learned to knit in the fall of 2003 from the interwebway and books. one superwide acrylic garter stitch scarf and many months later, i was hooked. now i'm a polygamous project kind of girl - a portable yet interesting one for the bus and lunch, a mindless one for reading (which doubles as the hanging out project), one for focusing, and occasionally a few extra for good measure.

website: this site was created using CSS entirely for the layout. nary a table to be seen! except for certain image/text alignments...if you could point me in the direction of learning to eliminate tables on pages such as this one, you would make my geeky day.

photography: a ginormous thank you goes to brice mcgowen, dear friend and coworker, who took all the photographs in the white horizonless world (aka your friendly campus photo studio). you can see more of his photos here.