current projects


tangled yoke cardigan (11-15: almost ready to attach the sleeves to the body)

pomatomus armwarmers using green koigu (11-12-07: starting #2)


considering various swatches...scarves, drops 103-1 jacket, others...



lacy silk tuxedo top (6-26: on waist shaping, about to increase for bust - as in, constantly trying it on...)

smoke ring (need a better needle to want to make headway on this project. oo, maybe the new addi lace needles?)

flip top convertible gloves in worsted interlacements jewel multi (started 2 at a time in late november) (currently knitting cap linings; still need thumbs)

argyle vest (will felt in fall...or unravel the ribbings and reknit?? leaning towards option #2)

ms. marigold (running out of yarn...need to decide if the boudoir color will work as trim) (ugh. starting over in spring)

messenger bag (need to block, line)

piney (feeling meh about this one)

pillow cover (need to find buttons & knit last band)